Thursday, May 7, 2020

Dog Alarm

If a house has a piano in it, they immediately seem cultured. They probably wear black turtlenecks, can speak French and floss every night. The moral of this story: Get a giant piano like in the movie ‘Big,’ and you’ll be the most cultured person on the block.


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  1. My two dogs simultaneously had their spidey senses tingled one night and I knew something like an animal was close by. It was a tree bough scraping the fence in the wind.

    Dogs are amazing, but don’t assign them supernatural powers. They have boosted hearing and smelling. That does not mean they can recognize danger better than you.

    And they certainly can’t measure who is a good guy and a bad guy. That thinking needs to stop, as well as the idea that anyone who hates dogs is bad. Some people are autistic or have dog related trauma in their past.

    K I done

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