Thursday, January 5, 2012

Doggon’ It!

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  1. Yep, the states is far superior to Canada. The way an overgrown, slow-witted, half-retarded bully is superior to the intellectually advanced “nerd” he picks on. Sorry, I’m speaking to Americans, I should end my sentence with a long, drawn-out “uuuh?” so you’ll understand me, EH? Ooops sorry, “ay”?? <<wtf, lol

  2. Thanks Peter! I could not noticed the dogs in the profile pics so I did not get the last comment until your post!!
    And Gonzo, you should actually be flattered that Mr Painter realized you were named after a muppet with such a big….hum… nose. Far from being invisible if we believe in those tales that say their size are proportionate. Maybe this compliment will help sugar-coat what I am going to tell you next: you’re being plain ignorant when it comes to the benefits of homeopathic medecine. Read up.

  3. I take all my medecine with a side of E.

  4. Lol two dogs fighting

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