Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Don’t Bust(ed)

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  1. uhhh… first?

  2. Lame.

  3. this post just hurts my head to try and figure out what the hell is going on …

  4. I am so freaking confused. Who the hell is Nathaniel? Where does he factor into all of this?

  5. Nathan(iel) is implying the girl in the picture is pregnant with his child. Her mother sees the picture, unknowing her daughter is pregnant with Nathan’s child, and freaks out. Then

  6. Is he referring to the bike…. or a possible baby?

  7. He calls her “Ma” and says “our little one”. And the mothers second response clearly indicates that the daughter called and confirmed being pregnant… Its not that hard guys… Just a little common sense..

  8. Okay let me lay it out for you.

    Alysha is pregnant

    Johnnie is her father who she hadn’t told yet

    Nathaniel is the father of the baby inside Aleysha (and presumably her boyfriend)

    Nathaniel’s comment tipped off Johnnie that Aleysha was up the duff

    Johnnie’s comment prompted Aleysha to bite the bullet and call/inform her father of what she’s cooking in her oven

    Johnnie’s next comment tells us that Nathaniel’s the baker

    Bing Bang Boom

  9. loca?

  10. verb pervert- a tribute

    I’m sure 90% of the loved ones in my life found out I was expecting via Facebook. Lame, meh.

  11. Either that or she’s stashing a kid in her backpack …

  12. This was up four days before her parent commented. Yet Alysha seems to have confirmed the news in less than a day. I would assume she would have known about what Nathaniel had written and perhaps been weary enough to delete?

    still doesn’t explain what loca is…

  13. I’m guessing Loca is the name of her bike.

  14. Dancinganimal256

    Maybe Loca is the name of the unborn child. Either way, Loca (crazy in spanish) is a weird name for anything.

  15. meh, I knew a pregnant couple who referred to their fetus as ‘Big Bird.’

  16. Loca is either the bike or the name of the person taking the picture. I’m thinking bike.

  17. A chick and a crotch rocket. It will eventually end in tears one way or another.

  18. Chinchillazilla

    My aunt and uncle asked my two-year-old cousin what they should name his little sister before she was born.


    It’s not her name, but who has two thumbs and is calling her that anyway?

  19. Loca is probably the girl.

  20. Chinchillazilla

    But the girl is Alysha.

  21. I don’t even know why there’s a debate going on, Loca is definitely what she’s calling her bike.

  22. hurr durr. this isn’t funny.

  23. TheIncredibleMrGQ

    Seriously? I’ve submitted stuff 10x funnier than this…and this is what makes it!?!?

  24. I called mine “cleatus the foetus”

  25. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    nathaniel and alysha are having SEX with the bike

  26. cpt brown sauce sandwich

    by that i mean the bike is preggers and nathaniel want her to look after it

  27. I thought I understood everything going on until I read that Alysha was “up the duff.” Now im totally confused. So Alysha is an alcoholic? Drinking too much Duff Beer? Doh!

    (I’m pretty sure Loca is either the bike or a chihuahua hiding in her backpack.)

  28. I’m with Walter on, I’m going with Duff Beer, and the chihuahua in the backpack. It makes it funner for me that way.

  29. I pretty much don’t get it.

  30. up the duff is slang for pregnant.

  31. Ooh, I like the chihuahua in the backpack idea!

  32. @verb pervert- a tribute
    Taking on a name like that, I am expecting big things out of you, or in you, whatever you like. 😉

  33. This is so Marklar, and Marklar is Marklar, so Marklar is Marklar.
    @SeeBea, whatever happened to Svetlana?

  34. @RollerGirl: “Big Bird” is from an episode of Full House. When Becky is pregnant with Jesse’s kid, Michelle(after playing pictionary and saying everything is Big Bird) asks Jesse if it’s a boy or a girl and when he said he didn’t know yet she says, “Then you can name it Big Bird”. I just saw the re-run last night hah. I’m not even ashamed to know that.

  35. @Marklar Love that one!

    @ShelbyArtois never seen that one, but, yeah, that’s what they called it.

  36. Oh how this post wasn’t even funny….so lame

  37. I don’t know about lame, this just made me feel sad.

  38. this was funnier when I thought there was a baby in the backpack with it’s face blurred out.

    Now it is truly just lame. I’m going to start logging on to funnybook instead.

    @soup – methinks you were just being sexist for the bite. So I aint gonna 😛

  39. lol

  40. verb pervert- a tribute

    @ nuff,
    I like my icon word would prefer big things in me.

  41. The actual post wasn’t that funny, but the amount of people not understanding it was a little amusing.

  42. @fealkj: I thought the same thing. It wasn’t that hard to figure out what was going on.

  43. seriously who the fuck is loca. this post is way too confusing.

  44. Maybe it should be explained in a more simple way.

    Ignore the loca – we don’t know.

    That picture is of Alysha

    Nathaniel is Alysha’s partner. He also goes by the name Nathan. That’s a nickname.

    Nathaniel uses the phrase “ma… and our little one”. This means Alysha is pregnant with his child.

    Johnnie is Alysha’s father. He did not know Alysha was pregnant. Now he does. He is also sceptical of Nathan(iel)’s ability to stay with Alysha, and felt that Alysha was possibly afraid of telling him (johnnie, her father) that she was pregnant. But he wishes her well.

  45. Why are so many people confused by this?

  46. I get the Alysha/Nathaniel part and I understand that Johnnie is Alysha’s father. But who the hell is Lindsay and why is she liking this???

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