Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Don’t Steal from your Friends…

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  2. The last time the 27th was on a Wednesday was back in June. So surely the culprit is known by now. Where’s the rest of the story?

  3. Exactly. I want to know who did it. Hell, all of his Facebook friends already know, so allow us that little tidbit of information, too. I’ll be it was Randy. He’s has those shifty eyes.

    And who HASN’T been naked in a friend’s room?

  4. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA…. wait wait…. forget WHEN it was.

    LAST NIGHT: someone took my drugs.

    My Video surveillance OVERWRITES ITSELF EVERY 2 DAYS


    LMFAO, how funny if no one came forward, he goes to check the video and …. gone 🙂

  5. You guys, it’s possible he thought that today (Wednesday) was the 27th and got his dates mixed up? I mean, yesterday was Tuesday and the 27th, it seems like an easy mistake to make. I don’t know. Either that or this is old.

  6. It’s important that we get the next instalment. I mean, the man with whom not to fuck seems a little pompous and self-righteous in a Dungeons and Dragons kind of way – but did the culprit come clean?

  7. @ Stubby, even though I laughed wholeheartedly at your wonderful observation, I have to point out that while “couple” literally means “two,” the phrase “every couple of days” is ambiguous enough to cover enough of a time frame to still allow his little scheme to work.

  8. How does someone with ADHD sit still long enough to write this novel?

  9. Powdered toast can cure ADHD!


  10. What a fag

  11. Don’t forget it won’t record over itself if he goes in and stops it from doing so. I would think he would’ve told it to not record over the second he found his meds missing. Therefore he could have that footage forever if he wished it.

  12. ‘What the fuck!? Which one of you thieving cunts half inched my ADHD meds?! I’m goin…. Oooo look a ladybird bonking another ladybird! I’m off for a jog!’

  13. From what a prat he sounds like, my guess is that the only reason he has friends is because they like to steal his ADHD medication. After this I’m sure he’ll never have to worry about people again.

  14. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Shouldn’t it read, “To anyone that has been naked in my room, don’t worry, nobody has been naked in my room”?

  15. fucking passive aggressive pussy…

    so instead of looking at the alleged video to get a face and just going straight to the person, Mr Dick Twiddle has to fuck around with a public message on twatbook in some limp wristed attempt to guilt the person out..

    I don’t think ADHD meds are the only ones he needs

  16. ^ He doesn’t have a camera in his room. He’s bluffing.

  17. He is implying that he allowed people to get naked in his room while secretely recording them. That’s fucked up.

  18. Bring_back_fingering

    If he actually recorded his room and is not just a cunt who is full of absolute shit, then I will personally give every person IN THE WORLD $1,000,000

    Complete loser

  19. Schedule 8 is over the counter medicine like Claritin or diabetes test strips… Schedule 2 is ADHD medicine.

  20. @fmaon06, it is the other way around. Schedule 8 drugs are drug with the potential for abuse and addiction. These are usually strong pain relievers and stimulants like dex. Possession of these without prescription is illegal. Schedule 2 drugs are pharmacy medications like paracetamol or ibuprofen in packs of >24 tablets (boxes of less than <24 are unscheduled and can be sold in any shop). They do not require medical management or diagnosis to be used.

    Schedule 4 make the majority of prescriptions (heart medications, statins, antidepressants, etc). Schedule 9s are your prohibited substances.

  21. Hahaha this was my status. To answer your questions, yes I meant wednesday 28th. I had asked the people privately first but they all denied knowing anything. So this was the only thing I could do.

    For you guys herping and derping about me being pompous or whatnot, settle down. The tone and wording and everything else was intentional to create pressure and hopefully panic in the person what done it, and it worked perfectly. The two people responsible admitted to it immediately and returned the drugs.

    And hey, any time I can make life a little more like D&D is a victory in my book. How boring your lives must be 🙂

    Berkely Hunt seems like a cool guy.

    I posted a resolution explaining what happend, I could post it here if you want but its probably not that interesting and its even more D&D.

    (And no of course I dont actually have cameras in my room you fucking rubes.)

  22. BorderlineDane

    he totally don´t erase them

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