Friday, February 10, 2012

Don’t Sweat It

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  1. My eyes!!!

  2. A slut from Tulsa. What else is new?

  3. She is hot, I love fat chicks.

    She’s also in a public bathroom but whatevs

  4. Classic Tulsa joke. Pretty lame, buts thats why its on here.

  5. Taking your picture in a public bathroom = classy. FACT.

  6. Ha! Anyone notice she’s wearing a Tulsa sized hoodie?

  7. ^whoa.. so you dont always type like a retard?!

  8. The funny part was that someone said “hey hottie” right?

  9. ^nah. the funny part is the herpes sore on her bottom lip.

  10. that is someone’s daughter. have some compassion for fatchicks. fatness is a disease

  11. so is herpes.

  12. Hey MsAnneThorpe,
    It won’t be long now. Not long at all. Remember that day, when you thought no one saw you. You were wrong, boy were you wrong.

  13. I like race jokes based off of stereotypes.
    What is a white (mutant) favorite sex position?
    Give up?
    Doggystyle. Ha Ha.

    It’s funny because whites (mutants) love to have sex with dogs. Ha Ha!


  14. and kids, and inanimate objects, like cars.
    Wow white people are screwed in the head.

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  15. Hey MsAnneThorpe

    When are you going to reveal to your little buddies that your mugshot is on this site: wwwdotwhitewatchdotinfo

    Let me guess, you won’t. Or type some smug response to avoid the truth!

    Not long at all “Ms”AnneThorpe!

  16. put down the crack pipe, sambo.

  17. Sambo, or sampo?

  18. That’s right, trippinnn, often, but not always, do I type like a complete fag. Generally, the whimsical fuckery becomes significantly more pronounced when I’m intensely bored and feel a thread needs some genuine jerk off worthy dick slobber butchery of the English language. I also like to use commas, because I am sometimes unsure of the correct punctuation. However, I often choose to spell words like your, you’re, wrong, and used in the wrong context, same with there, their, they’re. Only because people fucking hate when those choice words are abused. That, and the need to inject something so INCREDIBLY absurd and asinine only a trolling stoner can truly appreciate and giggle at like a horny schoolgirl that got held back three or four times and due to poor genetics is still shorter than everyone else. That being said, fat chicks don’t need lovin’ too, it should be a fucking crime to breed with the obese cunts. She’s ugly, and not the maybe the back of her head looks nice or maybe from behind ugly, she has the body of a pear and just taking this picture tells me the only time she gets any action is when she’s bent over getting fucked in the ass and sucking some huge black cock through a couple holes in the bathroom stall. This girl has glory hole written all over her and there’s a good chance anyone that thinks she’s hot is severely autistic. By the way, that’s not a blur over her eyes, it’s a fucking HORSE blinder!

  19. <3 <3 <3

    I am so turned on right now 0_0

  20. MsAnnThrope just found her soul mate! I love when the perfect matches are made! You just know?

  21. no.
    and you’re just the kind of spazz who would confuse lust for love.

  22. love starts in a state of lust, you are obviously in a state of denial.

  23. your mother lusted after you at birth, did she?

  24. No, she was still in a state of denial :\

  25. At least the comments are lame

  26. I would bet the farm that ytmut… is a white dude that uses nigga at least three times in a sentence. No shade tho playboy, just an observation.

  27. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    That girl is fat.

  28. @laugh.out.loud Agreed!

  29. Hey now, the only room for love here, and lust for that matter, is me lusting for copious amounts of pharmaceuticals and pot. Other than that, find your own orgy without fatties, or black people. Yt, your not allowed, because you have no genitals 😀

  30. It’s ironic that she’s stood in the toilet since the only place I’d fuck her is in the shitter…

  31. Let’s see, bad hair, dressed like a slob, attempted hot pic in a public bathroom & an engagement ring.

    Classy, just classy.

  32. not that it matters to you, matilda, but thats her right hand…take some time for detail before gaping your mouth.

  33. ^Spoken like a true fat chick

  34. in Lachryml’s defense, crusty, matilda’s assumption that someone liked that bloater enough to stick a ring on it was a bit fucking rich.

  35. . . . . .funny how the last one to comment was CLINT: which we all know: makes CUNT when the “L & I” converge. Kind of the same as he was spying on “A-SLUT”‘s jumper.

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