Monday, September 5, 2011


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  1. Jay will be sucking gates noodle for a pass now

  2. Worse part is that a 1,000 word essay wouldn’t be that hard to write, or take that much time. Stupid kid deserves the F he will end up getting.

  3. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ktandl313 most students can type 1000 word essays in their sleep. Jay also gets extra idiot points for adding his teacher. He is probably one of those assholes who adds people just to look popular.

  4. 1000 word essay is 5th grade Spongebob… And yet another example why NEVER to add your boss, teacher, or anyone that rules over your future.

  5. I hate the word doodle. It just sounds wrong when someone over the age of 8 uses it.

  6. If this isn’t fake, that teacher should be ashamed of his/her grammar.

  7. What about Cheez doodles?

    And the whole purpose of school is to teach you to write 1000-word essays on topics you know nothing about without doing any research. That and to provide opportunities for sex.

  8. Doodle? How old is he? Seven?

    I’m a teacher and if I added any students to my facebook account I would be questioned by the education department and I’d need to convince them why I should keep my job, because it’s forbidden where I’m from.

    I almost think this ones fake.

  9. We don’t have Cheez Doodles here, so my rule still applies.

  10. Maybe it’s a university. We can add profs on Facebook. My theater teacher welcomed us to do so the first day of class.

  11. You don’t write 1000 word essays in university, and your professor wouldn’t refer to him/herself as your “teacher.”

    This kid is as retarded as his teacher for adding on his students.

  12. I’m more concerned that Gates is monitoring his students so closely that he was able to respond in a minute.

    What Jay’s essay should be:

    The Prevalence of Teachers Having Inappropriate Relations With Children

    Thesis: Have teachers supplanted the Catholic church as the vilest influence on sweet, touchable kids? I think so.

    Mr. Gates touched my doodle.

    The End.

    A+++ See me after class

  13. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Soup.

    Although something tells me that Jay doesn’t have the smarts to swing an A+ (even with the assistance of some creative blackmail)

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  15. Wouldn’t Jay’s post automatically appear on Gates’ FB page, thus alleviating the need for him to be creeping his students?

  16. Why would it automatically appear? He’s not tagged in it.

  17. @dragonfly. I was going to say the same thing. My mate is a teacher and she isn’t allowed to accept kids friend requests.

  18. Worst part is that the teacher uses “their” to refer to one person, which is pronoun disagreement. This individual is an English teacher?

  19. Nice try, spismk, but you are incorrect. Most good teachers should know Jane Austen and hundreds of other writers of literature have properly used ‘their’ for singular unnamed subjects for hundreds of years.

  20. There is no problem with the teacher’s use of “their”… and it doesn’t say anywhere that he’s an English teacher. The kid’s post would have showed up on his teacher’s newsfeed, so *their* quick answer doesn’t mean that they are monitoring kids (although this made a hilarious comment). As for adding kids being forbidden, doesn’t it depend on where you come from? My friend was a teaching assistant and she had some of her students on fb.

  21. loupiote,

    yes, there is a problem with the use of “their.” “Their” is in reference to more than one person. Assuming that Jay is a male, Gates should have said “someone forgot that he added his teacher.” People use “their” because they want to avoid gender-specific words, but they shouldn’t, unless they are referring to more than one person.

  22. @heynostradamus –
    ‘Their’ is possesive. For example, “I wash ‘their’ plates”. They possess the plates. There is no such thing as any “there”, “they’re” or “there” that is plural.

  23. It’s not that hard to type 1,000 words. If you know what you’re talking about, it won’t take that long at all.

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