Thursday, December 13, 2012

Double Trouble

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA … oh man, that’s funny. Oh… not this stupid fucktards post, I mean, anything, anywhere else on the Internet, is funny compared to this lame shit.

  2. How the hell do people drop their phones in the toilet? I keep my phone away from the restroom at all times. I don’t want other people calling me while I’m in there.

  3. I can’t imagine how the letter to Uncle Ben’s rice is gonna go. “I was an idiot and dropped my phone in the toilet. Upon the advice of all my friends I buried the phone, still dripping wet in piss, into the rice. Well now all my rice has piss on it. Please refund me my money for that rice and do a better job putting a warning on your boxes telling idiots like me to not dunk piss laden phones into the rice. I will expect a full apology from you, as well. Thank you. Signed, The idiot”

  4. How the fuck do you drop a cellphone in the toilet?

  5. Nicole sounds hot.

  6. The one time I dropped my phone in the toilet – and I’m sure this is the usual story – it was because my phone was in my pocket. Pull down pants to pee, phone falls out.

  7. Amanda sounds kind of slutty.

  8. Jenny sounds horny.

  9. nice pussy in your avatar, frankenstein

  10. and jenny is clearly begging for it.

  11. I’ve never dropped mine in the toilet, but I have dropped it while carrying it in my top pocket and reaching down to pick things up off a short-legged table…falls right out!

  12. ^ A Table McNugget?

  13. ^It may be the three beers I’ve had but that made me lol.

  14. and thanks hannibal, that was very original of you.

  15. I’m original like SIN, Baby!

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