Wednesday, July 6, 2011


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  1. PraetorianXVIII

    way to feed the trolls, Lamebook

  2. Drew takes the time to correct other people’s spelling and grammar mistakes but doesn’t do the same for himself. Hypocritical idiot. He does have a point though.

  3. “If you’re going to *yell* in caps, at least spell correctly. You, sir, sound uneducated.”

    Step your game up, Drew.

  4. Hmm troll buffet.

  5. Drew needs to save money because working at Wendy’s isn’t giving him the luxuries he would like.

  6. vaginalroundhouse

    Wendy’s offers all sorts of benefits. Free tanning, lay under hear lamps. Free food, plenty residue on the fryer and leftover frosty. Did you guys know that black people love to use wash cloths?

  7. I don’t understand how correcting grammar asserts authority. Drew makes a good point but he’s an idiot so I hate him.

  8. This is the greatest moment of Drew’s life. He self submitted and it was published…Well done Drew. See you in hell.

  9. FYI, u guiz, commentor #5 Kal, Is the Drew in the submission.

  10. mydarlingcasey

    If you don’t support the event then no one is forcing you to attend just click “not attending” and be done with it. But to post on the link doesn’t make you intelligent just an inconsiderate jerk.

  11. It was a stupid event, but Drew’s also stupid.

  12. vaginalroundhouse

    I have thought of something I can do for little Caylee Anthony (white trash sounding name btw), buy some box cutters. If she had those handy none of this mess would have never occurred.

  13. I am on Drew’s side. GO DREW!! Also, vaginalroundhouse, great thinking. I also agree with you on that white trash name. I wish people would stop giving their kids gross names like Caylee, Hailey, Jayden, and Reily.

  14. Drew’s a real asshole. he just hasn’t lost anyone close to him yet. I can’t wait.

  15. @ Jezzypoo, Obviously you’ve never lost someone close to you otherwise you wouldn’t be wishing that feeling on someone else.

  16. Drew’s a dick, and he should have had a you’re in his mini speech about being educated. Ironic.

    Seriously though, if he didn’t want to do it, he should have clicked no and moved on. Not be a troll dick about it.

    Doing small things that may seem stupid or pointless, gives small comfort to the ones close to the departed, and even comfort to randomers. It’s about honouring the memory of Caylee, plain and simple. There are just too many assholes out there who don’t understand death and pain until it happens to them, and some other asshole tells them what they’re doing to remember their loved one is “stupid.”

    TL; DR don’t be a troll asshole.

    This story hit me in the heartstrings. My nephew was killed by his mother. Though, she actually admitted to it, and has life in prison. Casey should be there too.

  17. Keona: There are much better ways to honor the memory of someone than wasting MASSIVE amounts of electricity that doesn’t do shit for anybody. Imagine if every person attending this stupid event instead donated just 1 dollar to a charity to fight child abuse. That would be millions of dollars. THAT is something useful.

  18. Bunnywuffles

    you are a fantastic person and I made an account just to say that.

    Explanation: Ive said the exact same thing about a number of other events that I felt disproportionally wasted manpower where something useful could get done instead of a bunch of people potentially feeling good about themselves for noticing travesty in the world

    <3 you

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