Friday, October 23, 2009



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  1. This is what happens when you mix depression and arts & crafts.

  2. Drew is a gay name

  3. drew needs to get laid

  4. So’s mine.

  5. It would have been better had Drew written: did ur sister go to the same school as u because I would really like to see her and fuck the shit out of her again.

  6. I know a girl who posted a Facebook update to the effect that her father just died. Some guy commented with “I’m really sorry to hear that,” but apparently forgot that his avatar was him with a massive smile and two thumbs up.

    That was funny.

    I should have screencapped it.

  7. @Boz Did that happen in Ireland?

  8. Nah, it happened in Texas while I was getting chaingang-banged by a prison road crew picking up dead armadillos.

  9. Hey Drew, no one will ever love you and you will die alone. By the way, everyone you care about in your life is dying.

  10. One of my friends dated a Drew. He added all of her friends on facebook. Then, when she dumped him, he every couple of hours posted a new status, always saying pathetic things like “Drew can’t believe this is happening to him.” “Drew is sad.””Drew thought he deserved better.” After a couple weeks, he switched to German and then Dutch.

    Must be something about the name.

  11. “rewind the pass?? I *hate* that cliche!”

  12. I am liking the imagery of “push you in a puddle”.

  13. although “sad sack train” is a bit mystifying. I keep getting imagery of a locomotive with a flatbed of filled with burlap

  14. Hows collage going.

    Good, thanks; I’ve been doing some amazing things with crepe paper lately.

  15. 14. You made me snort.

  16. I wish I could rewind the pass Brett Favre threw to Sterling Sharpe with 55 left in the 1993 NFC Wild Card playoff game at the Pontiac Silverdome. I thought the Lions were actually going all the way that year.

  17. @Bri Bri Bee Rat. Hilarious call, top work.

  18. “Thanks for taking the time to read this shit”
    Drew clearly misses the point.

  19. Rewinding the Pass: the butt clench which follows after you realize you’d let one slip.

  20. Gay.

  21. I think Drew has really missed the point here….

  22. I think Drewshbag is an appropriate title. People like him should be banned from facebook.

  23. Is it me or does Drews pic look like Eminem if you look carefully…?

  24. the difference is
    that eminem gets pussy
    but andrew doesn’t

  25. Drew didn’t miss the point at all. He’s using this opportunity to get some info on Craig’s sister. Drew may not be able to rewind the pass, but that won’t stop him from tapping his buddy’s sister’s ass.

  26. agreed in full with the above ^ that’s definitely what’s going on here!

  27. I bet Craig’s sister is a sluuttt

  28. This is good on Craigs’ part. Productive therapy. Now I feel like doing it to almost ALL of the females on my facebook front page who constantly take bits and pieces from emo poems to vivdly express on their status all day until someone actually gives a shit.

  29. @ 28

    You’ll get laid like a rabbit.

  30. It’s the comments on the little details that make lamebook. Well done 12 and 14.

  31. Drew seems to have bypassed the point completely on route to his next depressing puddle…

  32. YES! 14, you’re my best friend.

    On another note, I think I know Drew. I think I blocked him from my facebook months ago because I was tired of his shit. I guess Craig is tired of it too.

    It seems like a lot of people I know end up on lamebook. I wonder what that says about the people I associate with… =/

  33. You CAN rewind the pass. That’s what instant replay is for.

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