Friday, December 4, 2009

Drunk Marks the Spot



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  1. @Dirty: did it occur to you that I actually have a life outside of the internet. Something you apparently lack if you failed to perceive that simple idea. Oh and as for the first comment, you are just a jealous prepubescent girl who is so thoroughly cut you did not get to flower up this post with you emo little Twilight comments. Something that is far more gay than a ‘first’ sitting in the first comment slot. It’s retarded people like yourself that make the rest of us cringe. This place is for laughs, not personal vendettas because you could not hit that first comment box.

    I say it again, if someone says something benign that offends or upsets you then i suggest you hold ‘alt’ and press ‘f4’. This will assist you in not being offended over something petty like a first comment.

  2. When my ex-girlfriend got this wasted I put some chocolate between her arse cheeks. When she woke up she thought she had crapped herself. She started drinking more responsibly after that which was a big shame.

    @Everyone: Ignore the trolls and they go away (or get moderated out). I know it is difficult, but have discovered it is the best course of action.

  3. Yeah this place is for laugh ,allright , but those ” first” comment annoy us

  4. I dont understand why one little word is so annoying and how it sparks so much rage. has there always been a war over this? have i unknowingly stumbled in to the tail end if the crossfire? I know in the past few days the hostility has been getting worse but i thought i was all part of the shits and giggles.

  5. imagine your dad was the “first” to “first” your mum…. as much as you didnt want to know that now take the “r” out of the second word “first” – some things you just dont need to know.

  6. Someone need fisted?

  7. Nice analogy Gripper.
    Alot of the stuff that is posted on here we could do without knowing, but we all keep coming back to read the crap that lamebook throws at us and leave our own 2 cents.
    One example is Taco Belles. Who in their right mind wants to hear about a couple of guys bumming each other. While you have stuff like this and guys wondering how many lemons they can ‘pack away’ there is a copious amount of unanimous resentment towards people who are carrying on a tradition that used to funny and endorsed by majority of users on Lamebook. What is next? The death of the globally accepted acronyms like LOL and LMAO?

  8. Judging by Insanes timelines, I imagine he doesnt have a life outside comments threads.


    Such a tool.

  9. @Insane – A lot of the regular people here do find the “first” thing annoying, so I wouldn’t exactly say it was “endorsed” by anyone. It’s not the absolute worst thing in the world though. Anyone who’s still giving you a hard time about it 50 comments later is lamer than that dude who puts lemons in his asshole.

    Anyway, MarthaSpewitt and CumDog are clearly trolls whose only purpose here is to anger people. Mercure is right, just stop talking to them and they’ll go away. Or the lack of attention will cause them to become so obnoxious that they get moderated/kicked out.

  10. Last

  11. @mittens: Thanks for the info. I was working under the impression that Dirty was not a troll. I can see how truly wrong i was. I knew the first comment was lame, but i thought it was a game inside of this site. If one little word will cause all the trolls to flock to lamebook and create dramas, then i announce my celibacy in regards to that game.

  12. Anyone ever heard of that kid who died of too much alcoholic and nobody knew, so they drew stuff on him? The mom had to look at her dead son with dicks all over his face.

  13. @pugged – Not too sympathetic to the fools that take themselves out this way. This is Darwinian selection in action if it prevents them from breeding or even if it limits the number of offspring they might produce.

    @chingaso Love the Nazi writing! Agree that the forehead Nazi symbols would increase the awesomeness!

    @pugged again – if you have a sis that works for a funeral home or funeral homes, then you know this stuff comes off. Bet if they use a Sharpee^TM it’s a bit harder!

  14. how long does a comment moderation take?!?! Geez.

  15. If the comment has been filtered moderation, then there is a high chance you wont see your comment appear on the post.

  16. If the comment has been filtered for moderation, then there is a high chance that you wont see your comment appear on the post.

  17. here is my comment for post number 60 – im gonna copy and paste that shit – least see how fucked up this system is.

    Yes cumdog millionaire with a penchant for french girls with A cup titties and the Zombie Kid with his i like zombies posts are equally if not more so fuckin gay than the “first” post thing i have a feeling that Dirty and Cum Dog are the same person giving themselves high fives in between wanking and posting on here… i think you wore a bit of the brunt of the built up annoyance at these other fuckers in here. For that i apologise for retaliating….

    and mittens put it well i think.

  18. I think it is safe to say i have learned my lesson. Thank you.

    Now that that is all said and done, let us get back to laughing at Farve’s Kleenex and the Rudolf wannabe.

  19. The pic of Farve was Photoshopped? And I thought he was really in bed with the guy.

  20. Its one of those life size cardboard cut-outs. Apparently Lamebooking pre-coffee is not a good decision for myself.

    Has anyone noticed the smile on the guys face?

  21. Yeah, I wasn’t sure if it was a smile or drawn on though.

  22. SomeRandomChick

    Yeah I can totally relate to that first one, Brett’s been raping me in the ass since he went to the Vikings!

  23. What sort of person owns a cardboard cut-out of their favourite football player? For me, that is the most worrying part..

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