Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Duck Hunting

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  1. Ben!

  2. Let’s see how long it takes MsAnnThrope’s tourettes to kick in on this one!

  3. Forget MsAnneThrope’s comments. I want to see what Ytmutation has to say about this. I mean, here we have Hayden “shooting” a black guy.

  4. yt has had his spirit broken, beatus. he discovered that black folk commit crimes, too.

  5. I’m curious as to what ToTheFLames will say, always riding MAT’s cock

  6. Only black guys shoot other black guys. Everybody wins!

  7. I hate duckfaces…

  8. ^ I can’t believe you hate duck faces..just cos he’s black, you racist cunt.

  9. Don’t they always look like that…?

  10. I used to imitate my guinea pig noises, and then she’d talk back to me. I think she thought we were dating at one point, but I wasn’t interested in a relationship at the time

  11. You shouldn’t have fucked her then. Mixed signals, you know?

  12. man, she was totally asking for it.
    have you seen what the furry little slut was wearing?

  13. Nice pic, BTW.

  14. He scrubs up alright, I guess.
    I still wouldn’t do him, even with Laila’s vagina.

    Which she would totally lend to me. We’re kinda friends.

  15. I’ll just leave it in your glove compartment when I’m done with it. Like last time.
    Except this time I promise I won’t leave it on the bar of the God’s Garbage Motorcycling Enthusiast’s Club again.
    It’s never been the same shape since that long weekend in Dubbo, hey Laila?

  16. Talkin’ to yourself there huh? That’s coooool.

  17. Is this some dead rapper? Or a fugly live guy?

  18. fuck you crusty. i was talking to laila.

    youse an ignorant cunt.

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