Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dude, You’re Getting Adele

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  1. first and geekery.

  2. Hope they used anti-virus software.

  3. Hope they used anti-fake software.

  4. The only fake thing around here is when people pretend that you are even slightly funny.

  5. Yeah, motherfucker, and you’re just filled with explosive funny bombs huh? You humourless twat.

  6. Semtex, no. You are fake.

  7. Meh is my impression.

  8. I fucked Cindy. I hope she used the morning after pill.

  9. More like you fucked Adele you dumb twat.
    Semtex I’m with T and cap’n. You got fuck all and you’re a humorless cunt. So fuck off and go back to your sad little cumsoaked bed

  10. It takes a lot of cum at once to soak a bed. The stuff dries out rather quickly.

  11. I think he’s into bukake. That’d explain iy

  12. This posting was stupid.

  13. I suppose all you queers do stick together. I’m impressed you can find the time to type with all the circle jerking you do together.

  14. ^ Yep, there’s a roster. One types while the other jerks.

    Sorry you didn’t make the cut; you should put out more. Look how happy it makes me!

  15. Circle jerk? Nah, Bacchante, remember? We do all the typing, and cooters like Semtex over there pretend to be the desperate intern and spend all their time under our desks hoovering it up! It’s like the whole casting couch setup, ‘cept we’re lying our asses off and those bitches are never gon’ get paid! We don’t actually offer “job” placement here, we just sell you on the hope that you might one day make it big in the blowjob business. It’s all about word of mouth…or something to do with the mouth…fuck…I forget…back to work Semtex, I’m gettin soft over here, fluff me up for a bit will ya bro? I’ll put in a good word with teh boss!

  16. The regular cirlce jerk session is good for team bonding. The blindfold and chains are for the trust exercises.

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  18. does semtex say something stupid on another post, then?

    because all I took away from what she said up there (presumably to Tfuckheadthousand) was “fucking a dude”.

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