Friday, February 5, 2010


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  1. Lisa needs to get herself an eating disorder, actually nevermind, an unflushed toilet full of puke isnt any better.

  2. *isn’t

  3. @SensibleMadness Not true, if I’d known you were the kinda guy who wants to share my bra I’m happy to oblige. Goddess knows any excuse to lose my bra is a good one. I have been distant because finding out you were anatomically male got me and my gud gud all in a twitch, lol

  4. BTW off topic, but again, not too far. After my dinner plans went awry thanks to Lisa, I ended up making horshoes for dinner instead.

  5. We had a phantom crapper at my work. We would walk into the stall and find poo all over the actual toilet seat. Happened 3-5 times a week. It took us months, but we finally found out who was doing it.

  6. and then what happened jtibbs? did he get fired?

  7. I wish. He still has a job, but cleans up after he “hovers”.

  8. wow that steven lisa situation .is comedy

  9. This is the funniest thing I have read on lamebook. Love it!

  10. Tremendous … one of the all time great lamebook posts.

  11. Surely the fact that Lisa doesn’t flush, and that Steven’s roomate left a note telling her to flush, CANNOT be the only reasons they broke up, right?

    If so, I never knew twelve year olds could share an apartment.
    I really hope not… then again she deserved it. ha ha

    On another note, if she doesn’t flush doesn’t that make it obvious she most likely doesn’t wash either… So so disturbing…

  12. FAKE…Women don’t poop. DUH!

  13. OMFG Mercure! LMFAO!!!
    enerbal, Yaya, U Guys rock!! hehehe

    n yea unless d toilets skanky its hard to leave it all there unintentionally.. even my exs toilet was shit n I could flush it.. WTF!!??? n d break up at d end LOLOLOL made my day XD

  14. Wow, do you really type that way? I hope for the sake of everyone around you that you are in actuality literate and that you were attempting to be clever because this is lamebook.

  15. Girls who poop are just very convincing transvestites. Everyone knows that REAL girls never poop, burp, fart, or even mention those words out loud.

    Now if you’ll excuse me I have been out of the kitchen too long already. 😉

  16. I bet she pooped, then took a shower to try and cover up the smell. And obviously forgot to flush. Maybe she meant to flush after the shower?

  17. Fantastic!

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