Thursday, November 3, 2011


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  1. Sometimes it just isn’t worth it to argue with stupid.

  2. lol ma gurlfreind cal me a piromayniac, wutevva i dont be n love w maself an sheeit, rotflmao fuk dat

  3. I wish Sam set Jody on fire while looking at himself in the mirror. I hate those idiots that defend something about which they are clueless.

  4. Stupid in a special way… smart enough to get on the net to hurt peoples’ brains with their ignorance…

    And to give us someone to laugh at…


  5. Tofu, I believe it was “arsonist”. Closer, but stil unforgivable.
    She should have called him a dumbass, though he might not have gotten that one either

  6. My girlfriend called me a pedophile. I told her that was a big word for a 7 year old.

  7. I always thought the only language excepted in America was American?

  8. @Soup HAHAHAHAHA. Better than the post, which in itself was funny.

  9. “American” isn’t a language. You speak English.

  10. @Lebowski, yes that’s true. The whole thing about the post is her obviously arrogance toward the rest of the world when being arrogant of her language, English. It is the only language ACCEPTED, not excepted. But thanks for trying.

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