Thursday, August 25, 2011


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  1. First?

  2. *sniff* mi <3 wll hert 5ever, dawg.

  3. I’ve heard Steeeeeveeeeer is so big he has a 5skin…

  4. There’s a good chance Patrick is joking; that paragraph has been making the rounds on 4chan lately.

  5. vaginalroundhouse

    Poor gurl, I wish dat dem duh beast

  6. Patrick should die.

  7. What makes me even more sad, is that the one who posted that post of Patrick… Actually liked it.

  8. maybe that student rode the harry potter ride at universal…

  9. I would have to “like” it. It did make me cry. Deciphering idiotic gibberish always makes me cry. I will hate Patrick 5-evr now.

  10. It gives me hope for humanity that so many of you actually read Patrick’s post. I gave up before I got to the end of the first line. Am I jaded? Out of touch? Too cynical? Do I need to return to my Brooklyn roots?

  11. The last post was a joke that a bunch of people got off of Something Awful, if anything the person who sent it in is the lame one for not understanding irony.

  12. Patricks’ making me cry….

  13. I’m surprised Patrick is smart enough to cut-and-paste. Does he need help to turn the computer on?

  14. I actually lol’d at the last one.

  15. Patrick made me cry.. I mean really. My eyes and my brain had a hard time communicating to read what he wrote….!

  16. The fact that “five-evr” now means “more than forever” and the incorrect grammar, spelling, use of made-up words and replacing numbers for words all in one sentence makes me cry for humanity.

  17. Patrick can’t spell for shit… He must be Patrick Star…

  18. Patrick Starwerbenjagermanjensen… He was number one…

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