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  1. FIRST!!!

  2. Fuck off.

  3. worldofwarcraftisgay

    go fist yourself

  4. I don’t see how this is lame – a bit of venting, nothing wrong with that.

  5. @ worldofwarcraftisgay

    shut up.

  6. Sounds like she’s married to an alcoholic or something. Not lame…just really really sad. The “husband” and “father” is the lame one.

  7. Venting on facebook is lame. Go write in your diary or your personal blog (which no one will read). Combine this with the fact that everyone named Melissa has over 500 “friends” added on facebook, it makes it even more lame.

    “My marriage is in trouble and “you” are being a jerk”.

    If you address someone as “you”, you should have the decency to at least send it to that person instead of just posting it as your status.

  8. This is dumb.

  9. Not funny…

    Venting is for chimneys

  10. worldofwarcraftisgay

    @… imnotjamie should fist himself.. what a douche

  11. #7 right on the nose

  12. @7 – Maybe she posted it on his wall and someone took a screenshot of that.


  14. @ Alison

    Maybe, but even so, there’s no reason to post this publicly. If your husband is a douche, then tell him so.

    I bet if she does decide to divorce him, she’s going to let him know by changing her relationship status from “married” to “divorced” and when he says “whoa, wtf?” she’ll reply with “once a prick, always a prick, we’re getting divorced”

  15. … I have 90 friends on facebook. Not 500!

  16. I am also not the above crazy venting Melissa.

  17. He’s gone off on holiday with the lads. She can’t get hold of him and the only way she can have a go is on facebook and hope to embarass him infron of his mates, which of course she can’t do if he has no shame to begin with. “Once a prick, always a prick” is a damn good lesson to hand down to your daughter tho 🙂

  18. One of the worst yet.

  19. Not sad ,not lame. Just blah…

  20. A stunning example of the ‘passive-agressive smiley.’ I’m surprised. It’s usually found in its natural habitat with the non-sequitur ‘lol.’ As in, “hanging up on me to boot lol..”

  21. Her pretending there is a marriage left to salvage is pretty sad.
    His choosing to be out drinking all weekend (probably with his lover) over his daughter is pretty pathetic.
    Her telling the world about their sad and pathetic state is pretty lame.

  22. @Brandi
    “His choosing to be out drinking all weekend (probably with his lover) over his daughter is pretty pathetic.”

    Dumbass assumption. It’s some girl, who was told weeks in advance the guy would be going on a weekend retreat with the guys, on her period that’s upset over bullshit and taking it out on him.

  23. @Ruth

    I agree 100%, I hope her daughter sees this and when she grows up she doesn’t marry her dad… since he seems to be a jerk.

  24. Threatening divorce over facebook is lame. And awkward for everyone else on her friends list. Geez, I’d hate to go out to dinner with these two!

  25. Tizzzzzzzzzzzzzank

    Atleast she put a smiley face after her comment.

  26. Its really Sam's Choice.

    Why is her last comment so hard to understand? Am I that dumb?

  27. true.. at least she’s happy

  28. @ its really Sam’s Choice

    She was saying:

    Also, the fact that you hung up on me simply because I asked why you couldn’t call in the first place really upset me. If you continue to act in such a way, I assure you that we will be divorced by May 18th, 2010.

    I hope this helps :).

  29. Sounds like Melissa needs a drink.

  30. And people wonder why 50% of marriages end in divorce. Keep your personal relationship problems you’re own problems! Letting the world know your relationship is in trouble is so immature and obviously this woman is not in the position to be married.


  31. Haha, my mom, who doesn’t really get the concept of Facebook, uses her updates as a personal blog. She’s toned down, but she used to write stuff like, “I hate being married,” in a slew of angry comments about her husband (my step-father, so I certainly didn’t care). All of her Facebook friends are BOTH of their church friends. How awkward for those people, greeting the two of them at church the next morning, knowing that my mother spends her nights updating her Facebook on how much she hates her husband. Luckily, he doesn’t even know what Facebook is (even though when I asked her if she was concerned someone might tell him, she shrugged and said, “He already knows how I feel.” Really inspiring marriage message, mom). I told her it probably wasn’t a good idea, and now she just writes, “Today . . .” and uses up the character limit telling about her day. My grandma on the other hand leaves her comments to people in the status update box, and then comments on her own updates with more comments to other people. I love old people on Facebook.

  32. Its really Sam's Choice.

    Thanks mcowles.

    You made it smarter for me 🙂

  33. Sounds like the dood just wanted to have a relaxing vacation with his friends, and his wife is pissed because she didn’t go. Boner alert

  34. People who can’t spell out the word “and” irk me.

  35. Smiley face usage FAIL. That irks me somewhat.

    @Ratcoon’s widow
    Me too. At least use an ampersand. I also like the word “irk”, so I stole it.

  36. Passive aggressive smilies are the worst.

  37. I dislike people who comment straight away on their own post, it just looks sad. Then again, I’m probably one of the few people who re-reads their post for spelling and grammatical errors before posting and deletes and re-posts her update/comment if an error does slip through.

  38. This hurts to read.

  39. ok this is lame. why do people feel the need to post their problems on facebook for the whole world to see instead of trying to sort it out in private??
    I think if she really loved her husband, instead of making everyone on her facebook think he is a complete asshole, she would talk to him alone!

    thats just what i tihk anyway.

  40. Clearly this was posted, not for the benefit of hubby, but so that all of her gossiping coffee shop flip flop-wearing friends can hit “like” or write empowering messages about how all men are pigs.

  41. Incongruous smiley face = Actually this is just an empty threat, please don’t take it too seriously because if you divorce me first I’ll die of shame! 🙂

  42. Do you reckon we’ll get a barfy face when he replies with “papers in the mail, hun :)”

    Is there actually a barfy face? If not, there should be.

  43. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    I suspect you have no idea of the irony you present, rambling on at length about your mother really not getting the concept of Facebook, and using it as her personal blog.
    You’re telling personal and embarrassing stories about your family.
    Where exactly?

    I love young people on Lamebook.

  44. I wonder why he’s away with this c*** at home….

  45. you’re allowed to say cunt you know

  46. shit like this in no way makes me feel sorry for this woman, who in all likelihood is trying to get her / their friends to line up on either side of the fence by announcing her rants publicly.

    also message to daughter: run while you can, your future involves weekend long talks about why Dad is an asshole, hand in hand with “you make sure you tell him that he….” as you get passed between households.

    Melissa sounds like she could use a few drinks herself. She’s probably one of those gals who’s constantly changing her relationship status from “married” to “it’s complicated” every time they hit a rough patch. I had someone on my FB who used to do that every couple of days.

  47. one word

    i know its usually two but this bitch deserves a word dedicated to her…

  48. Defined!

  49. if he is such a prick you shouldnt have sat on his penis and got pregnant you fucking deuchbag . . fuck i know thats not spelled properly but fuck it

  50. I believe the correct term is Douche Bag

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