Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earthly Updates

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  1. We get some decent boutique beers here, so I’ll look into those, thanks.

  2. I like alone Master, never get much of it, but I would love to have a boogie with you.

    Join me.

  3. Father, I was a bit freaked by the amount of sediment in your beers, but I drank it all down anyway.

  4. Thank you, Word, don’t mind if I do. I’ve got to admit, I’m not much of a dancer so I apologise in advance if I step on your feet.

    @Father: being near enough to go there, ever been to OktoberFest?

  5. Thats my girl !

    Once it’s in the mouth , you might as well swallow it down

  6. Nope havent been there yet

    I am not a fan of big drunk crowds filled with germans

    Love the retro short skirt outfits though

  7. I’ve only passed through Frankfurt, but my next trip to Europe is going to involve Berlin, and other eastern European countries.

    All part of my bucket list.

  8. That’s too bad, Father. Drunken German crowds aside, beer wielding, pigtail wearing, blonde twins named Hildegard and Gertie sure do make it worth while.

  9. Master, I can get my boys moving in sync with me in no time at all.

  10. Father, that applies to all fluids.

  11. Word, I may lack the moves on the dancefloor, but I have other talents that make up for it. You teach me the moves and I’ll show you just how long I can hold my breath for.

  12. Male breath holding abilities aren’t high on my list of priorities.

    I’m more interested in how long you can hold on to other things.

  13. The empty beer bottles are lining up on the kitchen bench.

    I’m a little frightened at myself.

  14. It’s not even 8pm here, and I’m hammered.

    Having trouble seeing the computer screen, and you boys are very slow on the uptake, fucking working my ass off here, with not much response.

    I’m almost done.

  15. Goodnight fellas.

  16. Aah, my impatient little Word. So sorry to see you go. Speaking of priorities, I happen to still be at the office and had to devote a little of my time elsewhere for a moment. But enough excuses. Rest well, you’re going to need your strength.

  17. suckmebeautiful

    I apologize if our discussion was too frank for you! I got carried away by all of the dirt Soup was spilling.

  18. This got off topic fast.

  19. After reading a few comments (and it didn’t take many) I have come to the conclusion that you lot are either a bunch of fucked up nymphomaniacs or fat 60 year olds living out your fantasies through lamebook. I prefer the prior.

  20. Good gracious.

  21. Is it not possible that some are both and none are neither?

    Or… something…

  22. dirtylittlepretty

    at this point I don’t even remember the topic of the post. I myself enjoy debauchery, but I tend to agree with feels better when done with subtlety, humor and a little ambiguity. I don’t have a problem with blatant sexual talk..for myself tho, I prefer that to be in a more private forum. ~stay sexy

  23. dirtylittlepretty

    oops ..word* now Word

  24. Some are both, some are either but none are definitely neither.

  25. Uhm… Okay then. I just read this entire thread.

    Moving along…

  26. Oh my god what is happening?! Going to this website now kind of feels like getting in a hot tub that people just had sex in…

  27. first 1 is funny…rest are pathestic…c’mon lamebook!

  28. *pathetic

  29. Jo’Nathan just makes him sound confused about his gender.

  30. oh my word.I died a little that was SO funny.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandonyou!-

  31. Actually, it wasn’t.

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