Monday, November 19, 2018

Eating Out Questions

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  1. It’s so they know whether or not they need to explain how it works i.e if it’s table service or not etc. Idiot.

  2. Not necessarily, BentBob. My family and I just went out to a restaurant that was as regular and average as they come and the waitress asked us if we had been there before. Of course, we had but I wondered why she asked as we had already been seated, she handed us the menus, told us the specials and that was it. We paid the old fashioned way too so I’m still wondering what would’ve happened had we said “No we haven’t been here before”. Would she have explained to us how a regular restaurant works? “Okay so you order from the menu, then I bring out the food, then when you’re ready to pay let me know and I’ll bring you the ticket. You can put your credit card/debit card in the leather folder then I bring it back to you and you can add tip”

  3. Cheesecake Factory does this, and if you say “no,” they basically tell you there’s a really big menu. That’s the only difference I’ve seen.

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