Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Electoral Idiots

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  1. And its people like this that re-elected the jackass… awesome.

  2. shiveredthetimbers

    somebody might say oh fuck ziggy because he likes mitt romney. but since he’s calling obama a jackass, we must know that he could never support someone like romney. don’t know who’d be better tho, guess we’ll never know.

  3. Alaska’s votes didn’t even count this election, so you could consider it out of the country.

  4. No matter who would have won, I’m already planning on leaving this country. It’s not because of any political reason. I just want to travel.

  5. Ziggy, you giant fucktard, it’s also rucking fetards like this that voted for Romney, and the Tea Party etc etc.

    See, fuck-tism such as yours is apolitical.

    Now fuck off to Alaska.

  6. Well sir, seeing as how my benefits and pay are getting cut due to Obama thinking that the military is useless, of coarse im gunna pull for Romney. His 3 trillion to us would allow me to live above the poverty level. Wanna keep going?

  7. Have I been censored?

  8. ^ Yes, but be careful not to get censured.

  9. ^ Haha… It feels like I got both…

  10. He doesn’t think the military is useless, he’s trying to avoid Romney’s crusade to war with Iran over invisible nuclear weapons, which is what the Iraq war was. And “3 trillion to us”? You must be delusional. Romney was not gong to cut your taxes, unless you’re in his bracket, and those trillions have to come from somewhere else.

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