Thursday, October 16, 2014

Emos Day

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  2. Also, we should all get a cross tattooed on our face.

  3. I feel REAL sorrow for myself for having read this. My REAL sympathy goes out to others who made the same mistake. What a lousy shit stain this fucker is.

  4. If you’re still emo after your freshman year of high school, then you REALly should consider some intense therapy.

    Or pot.

  5. The Beast Among Us

    Emo is still a thing? I thought it was replaced already by the Hipster movement.

    What emo kids really need is a swift kick to the groin. That way, they’d have some real pain to cry about.

  6. This is so disgusting I’m a proud military wife with a husband serving overseas and to see something like this makes you really wonder about what the next generation is going to give to this country.

  7. @s.colby: Well, apparently only a bunch of whiny b*st*rds…

  8. @Shade1982 I’m only 22 my point was about the lack of insight from parts of this generation.

  9. This is a kid with absolutely no respect or insight saying he goes through “real pain” and go through “way worse than soldiers” the kind of people I wish would stop wasting oxygen.

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