Wednesday, February 8, 2012


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  1. name blur fail

  2. Chip n’ Dale fail

  3. Someone, please explain to me how 46 people liked this shit.

  4. sirjoshuaofgeorgetown

    This must be one of those people that add random desperate people, so those desperate people like every status he has no matter how incredibly stupid it is

  5. Excellent. Not to be seen as desperate, but I’m going to go add Matthew Warner as a friend. BRB.

  6. it’d be funny if chip & dale had down syndrome. then it would ok to laugh at their hijinks.

  7. I’m sorry, is this funny?

  8. I’m definitely feeling shades of “THEN WHO WAS PHONE???” with this…

  9. Why is it funny? Am I missing something?

  10. Who cares?

  11. @Bacchante.. that makes you seem extremely desperate. @MsAnne.. I’m fairly certain that they do have down syndrome. @Buggy.. Fuck off. @Hawkbit.. I cares.

  12. Squirrel!

  13. Why did the squirrel fall out of the tree? Because it was dead. Why did the 2nd squirrel fall out of the tree? Because it was dead, too. Why did the third squirrel fall out of the tree? Peer pressure.

  14. ^The question you should be asking is “what made me think that joke would be funny?”

  15. ^because peer pressure.
    either you have the exact same (fucking terrible) sense of humour as every other bellydancing, scrapbooking, neckbeard or you can kick against the pricks.

  16. Fuck peer pressure.. it’s all about the beer pressure. And trust me, I am very much against scrapbooks and neckbeards. Especially neckbeards. Worse than nazis..

  17. I know a guy named Neckbeard. If he has a real name, no one remembers what it is. His neckbeard is magnificent \m/

    And Nazis are just misunderstood.

  18. how the fuck can someone’s facial hair become the defining point of their existence – to the point where it supplants their actual given name?

    and which nazis are we referring to? the historical soldiery ones, or the modern neo-nazi assholes?

  19. Well, I was referring to traditional WW2 German nazis. I find them more acceptable than neckbeards. Those neo-nazis are douches though. And if people only knew of me as “neckbeard” , I’d probably kill myself.

  20. Wait, wait. A name is the defining point of someone’s existence?

  21. mine is.

  22. Touché.

  23. my lamebook name kinda defines me too I guess 🙂

  24. what does Bacchante mean, anyways? I imagine it as some wonderfully mashed together mix-up of Bacchus and debutante.
    Am I close?

  25. Yep, close. Either a priestess of Bacchus, or a female follower.
    I, of course, am a follower only. Rites and rituals have never been my forté.

  26. …she says as she downs her first cold one before a long weekend…

  27. And here I thought it meant “fuckable”.

  28. For you, beatus, it does.

  29. My name means ‘the lion headed one’
    Baccante, I’d do you even if you were nameless.

  30. typically stupid American.

  31. Christ, what is this, an internet support group for the chronically bored and unfulfilled?

  32. depends who’s asking.

  33. My name is a defining point of my non-existence.

  34. And how could you not tell a squirrel was dead. Come on.

  35. I have a scrapbook of my Nazi neckbeard grandpa

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