Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Erroneous Endeavor


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  1. firsted

  2. *yawn*

  3. douchebag

  4. He’s from Calgary.. didnt have to read the rest of the post to know this would be lame.

  5. Also.. this is from 2007.. someone did some serious digging so they could get their shit posted to lamebook

  6. Corporate females?!

  7. kiwi , i suppose that he is talking about hot secretarys in narrow suits ?

    Or is that just my wishfull thinking

  8. Goodbye bussines…

  9. This guy probably has a “Rolaz” watch he bought from a street vendor for $10. It stopped working 3 years ago, but he still wears it anyway, hanging his arm out the window of his used 1987 BMW.

    The “chick at the office” is Flo, the 57 year old receptionist. She smiles at him and says “good morning” when he walks in the door, as she’s obligated to do with everyone who walks in. He takes this as flirting, and spends most of his time in his shared cubicle, when he’s not making cold calls trying to sell shady auto warranties, trying to figure out how to take the “relationship” to the “next level”.

    Since his black leather couch is about to be repossessed by Rent-A-Center, he is trying to come up with a way to earn some extra money. He went to one of those meetings where they tell you how much you can make by convincing your friends to sell water filtration systems to suckers door-to-door, and this is his effort to recruit people into his new business.

  10. Poooter,

    Look at what you wrote in comment #1. Then, go to a mirror and repeat what your wrote in comment #3. Wash, rinse, repeat.

  11. *you

  12. I bet his business is sooo going to take off.

  13. bucky, i know it’s totally lame to call first, but bitching at the person who got first is even lamer, so i choose the lesser of two lames. so you can wash, rinse, and repeat with comment #3 and enjoy it!

  14. Bucky, you gonna take that shit off Poooter? Let’s you and him fight!

  15. Prince, I’m a chick…and he started it lmao

  16. Bet This Buiness Is Primerica…GAG! I’ve Basically Used The Exact Same Speel To Get People Into The Business Before, They Feed It To Ya.
    Eh Not Hatin On The Business, Just Wasnt For Me

  17. Ali G is in da Bizniz.

  18. Hahahahaha!

    A classmate of mine wrote a paper for her friend and sent it to the whole class through our uni’s site. Including the professor. Oh, I’m sure that went down well in private.

    People need to be careful about these things. But, poor Ali was probably way too distracted by his Rolex, man.

  19. god, i hate people like this. I used to work with one of these douches.

  20. This Lame on two levels. 1st, who falls for MLM’s anymore?
    2nd, Didn’t this sort of dork’s image die in the 70’s?

    Maybe Canada is behind the times on both counts.

  21. #14,

    I appreciate the concern but that’s not really necessary. You see, at first I thought it was some bullied sexually-depraved 14 year old boy sitting at his mom’s “compoooter”, looking for a small light at the end of the tunnel in the form of a first post. But now that I’ve learned it’s a female, somehow the situation is much more depressing. It’s sad enough in fact that I think I’ll just let her be.

    Peace, love, and empathy,

  22. SeeBea: There are douchebag losers all around the world, not specifically in Canada.

    You should know that already, but I thought I’d share it with you just in case you are an ignorant sort of person.

  23. I miss Zombie Kid.

  24. If the business was legit, it would have no fear of being thought otherwise.

  25. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Honestly, I am totally going to trust a guy who says he’s going to make me rich, but greets me with ‘What up people?’.

    And @ Father Sha – oh, that dirty mind of yours will get you into all types of trouble 😉

  26. Poooter – although it seems couched in sensitivity and compassion, #21 Fellini is basically saying that ur a pathetic doosh girl!

  27. ouch my poor cyberfeelings…oh and twentyseventh

  28. “It’s not a pyramid scheme, it’s a triangular marketing model”
    – An old acquaintance giving me and some friends a pitch back when were 19.

  29. This guy looks like a retarded douche and he flaunts it! Look at the second last message, that’s some first class retarded doucheness right there!

  30. First of all, these people are obviously Canadian which means they have absolutely no game or “bling” (even if they do actually posses a rolex)

    Second, I hope his alleged rolex and that punanni he was getting makes up for the fact he obviously has no soul

  31. Who here thinks that…Imisszombiekid=Zombie Kid?!?!

  32. Canadians posses no game? This douche obviously doesn’t, living in his moms basement, with his fake Rolex, coming back from Cuba and telling everyone he was in Bahamas…

  33. Sorry, I just don’t see a guy like this walking into dealer and trying on a $5000 watch, and then buying it. I bet after he saw the price he shit his lil broke panties and bought a fake one.

  34. Wow……

    @Sensible Madness
    what you said about the chick at the office is 100% correct.

  35. Ali is all business in the front, party in the back.

  36. @31: I have my suspicions also.

  37. @Insane and 31 – Yep – but Zombie Kid was on a thread earlier… 😐

  38. All you need is another email account and you can set up a new Lamebook account. Maybe imisszombiekid is Zombiekid doing a publicity stunt to see if Zombiekid is missed. “We do miss you Zombiekid! Noone can miss Turtles that you do!!!”/

  39. @ Insane – What was the deal with Zombiekid anyway? Was he my predecessor??

  40. @Svetlana:
    Zombie Kid was a Lamebooker who always posted “I like Turtles” and that is all he posted, ever.
    He got it from the you tube vid, Google “zombie kid I like turtles” It’s a pretty funny vid.

  41. Poooter,

    I apologize. It was simply in jest. To make up for it, I will send you three Robocop units. Use them as you may, but remember that with great power comes great responsibility. If I hear you are using the Robocop units for evil, I will be forced to recall them.

  42. With Zombiekid it was like a familiar comfort when you jumped on a thread at Lamebook. If you saw his post, you would carry on with reading/paying out on people. If you did not see his post you would become anxious and wonder if things were still OK with Lamebook.

  43. @Insane: You nailed it, only I’d take it a bit further and say you wonder if things are still OK with the World.

  44. And I don’t matter anymore?

  45. lol… ‘teasing my ballz off’

  46. I just loved how his second message looked like someone different typed up the whole thing.
    Teasing ballz FTW!

  47. I’m the bitch teazin his ballz offz! Not really 🙁 But I hope she got that message 😀

  48. Nobody said you don’t matter anymore Svetlana! I personally cannot wait to see who you have ripped on when I jump on Lamebook in the morning! You’re always good for a giggle darl! 😀

  49. I’m loving how contradicting this guy is!

    “i’m sportin a rolex…business is seriously slow”

    “just got back from bahamas…dropped outa the game”

    “havn’t been laid in forever…teazin my ballz off”

    I wander if he’s still got any jobs going, i’m a bit strapped for cash

  50. He’s knows two people named Karim.

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