Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Error Jordan

Error Jordan

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  1. This is tough…is Taylor really an asshole or just really hilarious?

  2. Nope, Taylor is a doosh.

  3. Definitely funny!

  4. Lighten the fuck up

    That was well played and funny as fuck

  5. What’s a doosh?

  6. Dooshes are people that hate people and all their friends

  7. Quite brilliant

  8. I agree with #4…Also, it’s “douche”…”Doosh” is something you would write if you were drawing a comic book and needed a word to write above someone falling into water…

  9. Shut up That Guy you’re a tit.

  10. Actually doosh is a word that I believe originated here on Lamebook.

  11. @PBR – you must have missed the creation of one of Lamebook’s most popular recent memes.
    The misspelled insult that is ‘doosh’ originated in a post here titled “Jason’s monster fail”, an event so tragically lame that mere contact with it can give you a limp.
    It’s subsequently been removed from the site, but is still held intact in google’s ‘cache’ system, so can be viewed here:

    Hopefully if we keep returning to it regularly, it will remain there; a solemn and eternal reminder of just how lame a man can be.
    If not, at least we’ll always have ‘doosh’ . . . use it wisely, and perpetuate this link wherever it seems appropriate.

  12. My mistake. According to Urban Dictionary, it has been around for a while. I guess I’m just too sophisticated to have heard it before.

  13. @Justin – seriously?
    Wow, does this mean Jason was *right* all along?

    Run for the hills people – the apocalypse is surely at hand!

  14. No!!!!! Jason did more than just doosh, Jason failed miserably!

  15. “Lighten the fuck up”, was that a pun? (lighten, black, get it?)

  16. Nope, ratcoon, I’m still in the dark.

  17. This comment thread reads like a Lamebook entry.

  18. blue ratcoon, quit spoiling the good name of ratcoons everywhere!

  19. It too funny! Like naggers…

  20. Haha poor Kabu.

  21. There should be a word for when you accidentally typo an entire word instead of just a letter or two. For instance, I wanted to type “problem” yesterday but it came out as “probably”. Maybe it’s a sign of being on a keyboard too long.

  22. Very funny!

  23. Do I sense jealousy from ratcoon the impostor?

  24. Shit, i need to catch up on my memes. Won’t happen again.

  25. i could give you all the actuall definition of douche but it would just make me look like a douche

  26. Arf The Crime Dog

    Kabu ain’t for that shit.

  27. “Jordan hates black people

    Your God, Taylor”

  28. dewsh. that’s patented Noitall slang. It catches people off guard, but it’s easy to understand.

  29. Maybe Kabu is suggesting that we replace the word “black” with “asshole”. Or add it to “black”. It’s not clear.

  30. lol @ “Shut up That Guy you’re a tit”

  31. That’s a gem.

  32. Hey cool, it got in! 😀
    I was just fuckin’ around – not racist or anything.

  33. Ohhh Taylor you failed me! I thought you were serious…

  34. Wow, quite popular ? BTW, OP of “I Hate People. 😛

  35. Sorry I failed you Gabrielle D:

  36. guglghloh

  37. Billy Wilders Dead Monkey

    you’re all cunts

  38. I thought this was funny, until I realized they were in HS. And posting about their own submission. Now it’s just annoying forever.

  39. Funny how people take that so serious, the guys obviously got a sense of humour, funny shit!

  40. LOL I love Taylor.

  41. Taylor is my hero.

  42. /b/tard detected.

  43. […] another good facebook embarassment For Ty. __________________ You! Yeah, YOU! STOP ****ING […]



  45. Hilarious.
    Reminds me a little bit of ‘Answer fail’ on fail blog.. Don’t ask me why xD

  46. Excellent comeback made my day 😛

  47. Thats funny shit.. 😀

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