Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Eternal Inquiry

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  1. Why would his wife (or anybody’s wife) expect that to be the answer to that question?

  2. I guess James had to sleep on the couch that night.

  3. Women often say a sense of humour is what they look for in a man, but they then don’t want it in a husband.

  4. Again – could we please agree. No mentioning GF (or wifes) without either:

    A: A picture (and name, for fb-stalking)
    B: A statement that she is ugly

    Thank you

  5. necrophiliac64258

    I disagree virgin

  6. My wife is hot.

    Go fuck yourself, Dane.

  7. hannibal-lecture

    My girlfriend thought this was funny…I thought it just made sense.

    And you can’t legally marry blowup dolls, beatus.

    Just kidding, we all know you’re a stud.

  8. carlosspicyweiner

    My balls are itchy.

  9. I imagine his wife would be a little flattered, at least? The implication is that he is happier with her than he was with his ex.
    Class dismissed.

  10. I figure this falls under ask a stupid question get a stupid answer.

  11. Can’t take a compliment?…go fuck yourself then.

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