Friday, May 27, 2011

Everybody Hurts…

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  1. first?

  2. @luminousechoes

    Fuck yeah dawg u is first. U rule the internetz now dawg. I’m happy for u dawg.

  3. Woooo!!! Luminousechoes is first! party at their place!!!


  5. I rate these 1 lash for charlotte, 2 nut kicks for erica’s boss, 3 indian burns for kristen, and 6 minutes of dutch oven for amy.

  6. Did Erica’s boss just commit identity fraud? Lawsuit.

  7. Really ahat, A lawsuit? That would imply the boss benefitted or profited from the Instance, which he clearly did not.

  8. CommentsAtLarge

    Yeah, but then the boss can countersue for breach of contract; unless of course Erica was hired to fuck around on Facebook all day. Though I get the impression that’s not the case.

  9. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    … Or the boss could just argue that Erica posted it not him.

  10. I can’t believe there are still workplaces out there where staff can access Facebook via a work computer. Mine blocked access to it 2 years ago. Seriously, bosses, just block the fucking thing. Problem solved.

  11. wordpervert stupid is, no know how to go around internet block

  12. Of course there are ways around a block, but if someone has to go to those lengths (at work) just to get into their Facebook, then they are fucking pathetic.

  13. wordpervert, you think difficult it is, not…some as easy as adding https it is 😀

  14. @wordpervert: Ain’t u at work right now dawg?

  15. masteryoda,that only makes the connection secure,am i right dawg?

  16. @masteryoda – I’ve lurked a lot longer than I’ve been a commenter here, and I can assure you, wordpervert stupid is not! She is the voice of reason around these parts and likes Beck so she should not be messed with. (It’s half two Sunday morning here in Sydney and I’m drunk as a skunk and have had an online crush on word for like forever so I’m gonna post this before I lose my nerve.)

  17. yodawg, secure sites go around firewalls…

    @ moniker, I don’t know who beck is…and once you’re sober, sorry you will be 😛

  18. I don’t really care if it’s easy to do, yoda. Those who can’t get by without access to Facebook for a few hours are tragic. Anyway, they should be like, you know… working.

    yo, dawg, no.

    Sounds like a good ol’ Sunday hangover awaits you, moniker. Prostrate, Panadol, and Pay TV. Enjoy.

  19. wp, right you are on that…I go days without it…still its easy to do with an internet connection, although you have to do every page

  20. I like Erica’s boss. No put downs, just some facts thank you. And Erica still looks lame.

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