Thursday, November 1, 2012

Everybody Wins! ….Sort Of…

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  1. And then sign him up for Cat Facts.

  2. Might work if they didn’t ask you to respond YES or NO

  3. or just be honest and don’t be a cunt about it

  4. No powdered toast man?? No Ms Anne Thrope? No Steeever?? Holy shit might the realms of LB be clear for all piss takers and those attuned to light hearted banter? Well I’ll get the ball rolling then….Aaron until you hooked up with that chick at the bar on Monday with the ol’ “end of the world storm, last chance to get laid” story you were one of us so how about you dial 0900 STOPCOCKBLOCK.

  5. Fuck off ya’ little tosser!

  6. @4: Looks like Ms. Anne high tailed it out of here and took 3 or 4 of her ‘personalities’ with her!

  7. I miss the Ms.

  8. Feeling nostalgic V? Isn’t it wonderful how she can make you feel all warm n’ fuzzy inside while havin’ a go at ya’? It’s a rare trait reserved for all but a few lovely sandgropers!

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