Monday, February 17, 2014


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  1. Gay as in happy? I’m a happy person, and I exist. Although, when homosexuality eventually gets the right to marriage and full equality, what next?
    They’ll keep fighting. Fighting to make homosexuality mandatory with at least one child in every family. Fighting to ensure everyone has gay sex at least once.
    And, if you don’t YOU ARE A HOMOPHOBE !!!!

  2. ^Careful not to cut yourself on that edgy comment you got there.

  3. If you keep down-voting Peepees post, it’s your own fault if you get raped by homosexuals!

  4. In my opinion it is a rather amusing post, I would not go as far as to call it lame though. Nikon speaks the truth.
    I nominate Peepee for the lame-o of the day award.

  5. Religion aside…Fags are denied rights out of fear, sometimes it involves politics, sometimes morality, but the base emotion is fear. Some people are more accepting than others. I mean, I don’t care who’s genitals you nibble on in your free time, we can still be friends as long as you’re not an idiot. Anyway, I’m not entirely sure I have a point yet, so take it for what it is..

  6. ^ all the homophobes that thumbs down me, equality will be soon! We will rise from oppression.
    Marriage rights under Obama !

  7. It’s ok, their fear just excites me, but you wait…One day I’m gonna sneak up from behind and paint them from the inside out. I will stir their colon just to make a point.

  8. The oppressed will one day be the oppressors!

  9. I haven’t seen this many down-votes, since I wrote something offensive about women’s place in society or so.

    Long live trolling.

    Especially the left-wing voters don’t understand shit.

  10. According to the majority of Roman Catholic Priests and Christian dogma, God is OK with sticking your spunk hose up a young boys’ shit box, but the second the boy turns into an adult and enjoys it God gets massively pissed off and starts smiting and shit.

  11. I think everybody is bisexual to begin with. Society then confines us to certain roles through propaganda, social norms and shit that makes people ashamed and afraid. So a lot of people will never find out what they truly like and want in life or sex, because of fear and confined thinking. Religious people are the most scared, because they’re also afraid of themselves, that’s why they are such cunts to other people who are braver and free’er than they are. That’s so sad.

  12. The Beast Among Us

    Here’s the thing: Gay or not, nobody has the right to get married. That is, if one is a rude, careless, fat, ugly, total asshole that no one is willing to marry, one cannot go down to the local courthouse and demand a spouse.

  13. #10 No wonder there’s so much rape and molestation in the church…cuz you know…as long as nobody’s enjoying it, it’s ok! Now, I’ve engaged in anal sex with one of my submissive freaks of an ex-girlfriend. Sometimes she’d just pull my splintering, waterlogged, detachable cock out of her gaping whore vagina and try to shove it in, no lube or anything, sometimes she’d jump on top and try to force it in, and to be honest…I really didn’t enjoy it…I’m a vagina lover, and that’s OKAY! TBAU, I kind of agree with you, maybe not about the rights issue, but marriage regulated by the government is a bullshit scam and they should stay out of it. Having been married before and all has reinforced this belief. All they want to do is make money and charge out the ass for a legal certification, and is it really a necessity to prove your love? NO, not really, not in the slightest, but society would try to convince you otherwise. If I ever get around to paying some outrageous fee to break this legal agreement instead of just telling the dirty bitch to fuck off like I did, I’ll never engage in such a legal fallacy again. Fuck that noise…sure, I may get married again in the future, but the government is gonna keep their grubby ass paws out of my pot.

    TL;DR Marriage is bullshit, and anal sex is overrated.

  14. Also, I don’t think everyone is born bisexual by default. Society has nothing to do with me not wanting a penis in my mouth. I mean, for as long as I can remember, I’ve been strictly attracted to T&A, this is my default biological response, and my impressive amount of horribly inconvenient surprise middle school boners during puberty are a testament to this…haha…Society has nothing to do with that, it’s built into my brain chemistry, and my penis “brain”, apparently. People are born into their sexual response, while some people grow to prefer one or another, for the most part, it’s basically something they’re born into. Not everyone is wired the same. If I was raised by society telling me to accept the penis love, my feelings for vagina wouldn’t change and I’d be the “minority” being discriminated against for my undying facination and love of female genitalia…lol

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  16. BorderlineDane

    yes…. because God trumps equality every single time

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