Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Excellent Point

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  1. Sweden! Fiiiiiirst!

  2. second 🙂

  3. The last one made me LOL hard lol hahaha

  4. Don’t get why Angelo would use Titanic as a comparison. There are so many bad things to say about it.
    – people never board it twice
    – it ends too early
    – only men stays on it until the end

  5. At least it got wet…

  6. I feel like renouncing veganism every time I see one of those pointless and trite PETA adverts. I donate to the HSI instead.

  7. If those PETA bitches weren’t such prudes, I might be able to get behind their cause. But it’s all false expectations, just like a goddamn veggie burger. If Olivia Munn actually stepped up and offered her beef flaps, well, I’d cage her in my basement like a veal cow. But it would be a powerful advertisement.

  8. You know what pisses me off about PETA. I don’t care what decisions you’ve made with your life. I do care when you start raping my face with them. And the fact they seem to care more about their animals than their women. I get that these girls make the decision to run around doing soft-core porn on the street, but even I respect myself too much to do that shit in the name of a damn chiwawa.

  9. It failed to stay up on its maiden voyage.

  10. Is it the fact that PETA opposes your namesake? I think so #8.

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