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  1. is anyone else confused as to why this ex-girlfriend is so obsessed with ‘getting back’ at her ex boyfriend because he wont take down ‘her’ photos??

    I just dont get it, if this girl wants nothing to do with the guy and has moved on and replaced him as she says, why doesnt she block him on facebook and not hack into his profile

    If I’m that new boyfriend, I’m more than a little ticked off at the fact that she’s clearly obsessed with this guy who screwed her over with facebook photos

  2. agreed analrapist, nothing says “i have replaced you and blocked you out of my mind” like hacking into your ex’s accounts and posting a multi-paragraph tirade after reading all of said ex’s messages.

    she has definitely proved that he is not on her mind whatsoever.

    that being said, he’s probably a douche anyhow.

    lastly, if you are going to call someone else dense at least use the proper form of “too”.

  3. Note to any person that thinks it’s a good idea to use Facebook to make public declarations after a breakup: You’re wrong. Nobody ever cares, few people are ever shocked, and you’re just making yourself look like an idiot. Sounds like both of these people are morons, so I guess we should be glad they split up before they bred.

  4. These two deserve each other… “She got uber bored and decided to snoop through my messages” – Yeah, ’cause every time I’m stuck for something to do I exercise mistrust and read my partner’s personal mail :/

  5. to be honest I think publicly shaming a romantic interest who has wronged you does make sense in some instances. The person could have spurned you really bad and be around town talking shit about you

    I actually enjoy when they have ones up here like a guy is in a relationship on facebook and sending messages to random girls trying to bone them and then the girls he tries to bone message his girlfriend and share what he was doing.

    But you can’t say, you’re so pissed that I moved on when you are displaying your obsession with the person, it just screams “he won and is still winning because look at how pathetic I am right now”

  6. This status was confusing, until the last line. Then it just got awkward.

    Nessa’s my name.

  7. Implying that knowing someone and their password, then using it to login to Facebook, qualifies as ‘hacking’, fail……

  8. Haha, shriveled cheeto. I like how the minute after a relationship ends the dude’s dick gets instantly smaller.

  9. Holy shit, the fact that she wrote this entire rant via proxy is reason enough to believe she hasnt taken her meds in a long while. Nessa, you are fucking crazy. Taking the pictures down doesnt erase the past. Just fucking deal with it.

  10. Half twit..

  11. Love makes people do crazy things. Justin is clearly a douche anyway, but does this justify her behavior? Probably not, but I could understand Nessa feeling scorned.

  12. Over it? I think NOT!

    It was pretty funny, though.

  13. Women have no creativity whatsoever. It’s always the same everytime on these things;

    “Tiny dick who sucked in bed”

    EVERYTIME. I’m tired of it, let’s see some originality.

  14. Well my ex was “huge dick and still sucked in bed”, is that any better?

  15. If this was done to me. First, I’d wonder why I’m still in junior high . And second, that isn’t even bad .

    She’s the one banging a cheeto, jokes on you.

  16. Just let it go, nessa dear. You’re causing a scene.

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    I say this every single time but please people have some self-respect and dignity. Nobody even cares about your personal bullshit and by virtue of sticking around in a relationship with a (Small dick/Loser/bad in bed/ [insert other cliche insult]) person, that puts you right around their level. Move the fuck on. By the fuck I’m even starting to sound like a broken record.

    In short, shut the fuck up Nessa.

  18. tldr. Nessa is definitely the loser of this post. To be honest, as far as I can see her boyfriend’s i) Shagged some chick Nicole and ii) got rid of his obessive, hyperbolic, probably ugly and/or fat, freak, pyscho girlfriend all in 60 seconds using only a shriveled cheeto (sic.). As far as I can see that’s a downright win. Am I missing something??

  19. peterpiper, your sentences following “tldr” show you to be a filthy liar. You totally read it.

  20. You can just see them crying angry tears over the keyboard as they type. It is actually kind of sad. And funny.

  21. I can understand where Nessa’s coming from about the pics, some people are honestly very picky about who has pics of them and where they are being used. Honestly, I would’ve done the same thing, but with less sophomoric anger and venting. Tiny dick? Really? What’s next, a knock-knock joke?

  22. I read it as they were together and she wanted another ex’s pictures taken down. Then, when he didn’t, she went in to remove them herself, and saw that he’s been messing around while they’re together, including with the Nicole person he cheated on his other ex (the one whose pictures she wanted taken down) with. :-/ Apparently no one else read it that way.

  23. Jes, you’re such an idiot I’m surprised you know how to read.

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