Thursday, January 26, 2012

Extra Padding

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  1. Someone got off at Redfern.

  2. Ah shit.

  3. vaginalroundhouse

    I hope she didn’t shit herself.

  4. first one is cute
    second one: why would you wear see through pants with a thong? Let alone with a pad on???? Crazy people

  5. I feel deprived, I always got shitty paper and sellotape

  6. Someone left her skirt at home. Or perhaps she left it in the elevator or in the men’s room again.

  7. At least she’s not fat.

  8. ^I see you’ve lowered your expectations to fall into line with the obesity epidemic.

  9. Well, fuck me sideways

  10. Tampons would’ve prevented this.

  11. pants would have prevented this.

  12. genocide would have prevented this.

  13. ms anne, listen

  14. As far as the pants go, I’ve seen worse. The “jean” leggings aren’t meant for really fat chicks. Kinda the same effect as here, didn’t look close enough for a pad though.. >.<

  15. hahaha flames! thanks =) I only read your first three words anyway. This new feature saved me a bit of scrolling.

  16. I don’t get why these skin tight leggings/jogger/pants are so popular. They leave NOTHING to the imagination and are only really flattering on the trimmest of size 6 gymnasts.

  17. ^^ pale jeans, that’s where it’s at

  18. Who the fuck wears a pad with a thong? plug it up!

  19. The most offensive thing about escalator skank is her subtle reminder that she has a reproductive system.

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