Monday, June 10, 2013

Face the Facts

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  1. Dawn of the Dan

    Pretty good story, if legit.

  2. This is what you should read to your kids as bedtime stories.
    Don’t be a pussy.

  3. Defusing the situation. You did not spread the situation out over a large area.

  4. Abraham Lincoln

    Amusing story, and I hate to call bullshit – but you punch anybody at an airport – aggressor or not, and you’ll both be arrested and unlikely to be allowed to fly that day.

  5. ^ Depends on the country. Some countries have been able to avoid blanket accusations.

  6. #4 Not very likely that both would be arrested, at all. Both would be detained for an investigation following which they would act upon the facts as they know them. If this story actually occurred then the likely case is multiple witnesses were available to make statements and they would let this guy go. Not that I necessarily believe the story mind you but not all cops are idiots, it’s like 5% of them that fuck it up for everyone.

  7. Fascinating debate. I’m more intrigued by the crying insects though. What upset them so?

  8. Well done. You really taught him a lesson. Next time he won’t pick on his wife IN PUBLIC. Love how the story is all about your heroism and no mention of how it turned out for the wife. When that arsehole gets out, he gets to go home to her. Pissed as hell.

  9. ^True or not, it’s a good story of how we all should stand up to pricks. What the fuck is he menna do? Follow him home to write a fucking report on how he beats the shit out of her? Or, maybe he learned his lesson and treats her like a princess. Either way, cool fuckin’ story and your point is ridiculous.

  10. Well, your mom is fat!

  11. Show me a red-blooded male who hasn’t had a similar fantasy, and I’ll show you a liar.

  12. I don’t have a fantasy of being the only gender who can cry.

  13. Crusty, after “shoving his wife” that story became ALL about the details of his fight. Check out his FB profile – Mac Lethal – he’s into MMA. The cynic in me says he cares less about protecting the (beaten?shoved?) wife than he likes looking for a fight. When you’ve been in an abusive relationship, talk to me.

  14. way to make it all about you debanam

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