Monday, May 10, 2010

Facts About Folks

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  1. damn I wish that was my baby!!

  2. rebarbativebecc

    My friend answered her phone when I rang her, she was having sex…didn’t tell me until after.

  3. Slanderous Princess

    Nancy is the shit!

  4. @dcreaerview: They can definitely text during as well as watch tv lol (although I really don’t get why anyone would ever do that). I was more referring to the comments under that status. Time isn’t an issue for lesbians.

  5. Paranoid Android

    The chance to be a P.E’er would be a fine thing, just sayin’.

  6. Um, does NaKaishia (wtf) have her OWN NAME tattooed on her arm?

  7. speechless..
    God’s investment(His Son) in you was SO great, He could never abandon you!
    “Seek me and you will find me, if you seek me with all your heart!” Jer.29:13

  8. shit Katypants – you’re hot! 😉

  9. lol

  10. lol famaf, thank you 😉

    …don’t tell the others… I won’t be able to make milkshakes anymore because the number of boys coming to the yard will go from reasonable to unreasonable.

  11. I’d make a baby with Nakaishia anyday

  12. Just what we need-another too young pregnant girl. Let the cycle continue.

  13. Oh it’s fine, she’ll just get her Vision Card and her WIC checks and teach the baby all about “responsibility.” Oh, wait…

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