Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Family Times

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  1. Not the xmas card list!!!!!

  2. Hi Dad, please spell my name right or you will be off my xmas card list too. ~Nick

  3. If you have to “lay and cuddle”, it’s time for a new gf.

  4. I think the second one is sweet, they are just kiddos!

  5. I think the parents could have chosen a better pose for the second shot there. I get what they were going for, but they missed by about half of a mile or so.

  6. CommentsAtLarge

    Second one – I’m always happy to see a brother and sister who get along… but yeah that is not a good pose. Aside from it looking like the sister is getting railed, it’s a helluva a down shirt angle on that minor.

    Third one – I wonder if Bill that liked the status is dad.

  7. Doggy style with your brother?

  8. Second post- yum, incest- oh how sexy haha!!

  9. Wincest!

  10. If I am about to have sex I open my window and sing it to the world….now I have no neighbors. Win.

  11. MsBuzzkillington

    Those brother and sister pictures are going to be good blackmail/humiliation material when they get older and start dating.

  12. MsBuzzkillington, the girl is dating already..

  13. Son, please don’t disrupt my important news feed with the fact you are a hopeless drop-out ever since I kicked you out of my house; I think it’s best we just all pretend you don’t exist. Continue to do so and I’ll have no choice but to take you off my christmas card list and I know how much you love those pictures of me and the rest of the happy family (without you of course). Good luck at the memorial today kiddo!

  14. ^ I am pretty sure Nick is just a drama queen and has actually never gotten kicked out, he sounds like an asshole and why would you be friends with your dad after he kicked you out and made you become the loser that you are?

  15. Except I know a lot of friends who this has happened to, it’s actually not uncommon. Considering his dad isn’t surprised by the weed bit, my guess is that his dad re-married and his step mom asked him to kick nick out and he did. It happens all the time, espescially in situations like this where the kid is dealing (I suspect that is what’s also happening here). He probably gave him some money and threw him out, maybe I’m getting too close to home though.

  16. I have to agree with you on that one, jones-y.

  17. I actually know this guy. He really is a loser. He got kicked out as he was basically a dick doing everything on the status. He’s had jobs and quit them all – prefering to be on government benefits. Sad I know. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him when he’s not been stoned.
    I do love the dad comment though!

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