Friday, May 28, 2010

FANtastic Friday!

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  1. I want to know what Lamebook moderators are online at 8am posting stuff!

    And none of these were funny.

    And, ……. *sigh*….


  2. Lulz, I agree. But I suppose we’re just as bad? =P

  3. Somewhat. I hate getting up this early so when my alarm goes off, I grab my laptop next to my bed and get on for a few minutes to wake my ass up.

    FUCK MORNINGS! But today is Friday and tomorrow is my b’day so there’s that.

  4. I am so pissed off!

    Fridays on Lamebook are lamest of all!

  5. Happy day before your birthday Lulz!

    I am still so pissed off!

  6. *sigh*

  7. I would get Sarah High on crack and heroin and then give her a full length of groin meat up against the school lockers before drinking a bottle of absynthe, forcing her into a car and mowing down harmless pedestrians in a drunken destruction derby of mayhem.

    I would take Shauna home to meet my mum.

  8. The transformer page was funny the first time it was posted on here.

  9. so it goes…

  10. @spacetoast it was funnier the first time, because the guy who joined had his profile pic set to a car.

    Personally, I think the “fan” postings are the lamest of all the posts here. However, I did enjoy James’ post, someone needs to attend to mom.

  11. MsBuzzkillington

    The comments are getting really old and redundant.

    If you don’t like the posts anymore, if you don’t like it here anymore… move on, leave. All anyone ever does is complain, complain, complain.

    Sure, maybe not all the posts are funny and sometimes they suck, but it is LAMEbook, not makeyoulaugheverydayBook.

    Also you don’t really know what kind of material is being submitted. I think you need to cut the moderators a *little* slack. The majority of the stuff being submitted is probably awful. Also, I would imagine that a lot of the stuff is submitted more than once. You guys are so demanding. Nothing ever makes you happy.

    James’s was good.. it’s funny. If I wasn’t a girl, I’d attend to that. The transformer one was funny too.

  12. My mom always said “ee, don’t let a vagina govern your friendship.”

    Speaking of my mom, I really don’t want to think about someone ‘attending’ to her needs. (bad pictures go away!)

  13. Is it sad that I laughed at the first one? The transformer one is always in my newsfeed…it’s really lame.

  14. someone please explain to me what this ‘ben’ thing is and how it came about

  15. Walter Sobchak

    I once said to my wife, “Bitch please, I’m Walter.”

    She replied “What is that supposed to mean, Nigel? Have you stopped taking your meds again?”

    Good times.

  16. what i don’t understand about the ben thing is, that although he was a douche, he had a point!

  17. I agree with the sentiment that this site is sucking. Personally, I only come here for the Americal Apparel ads.

    Fuckin’ A those girls are hot.

  18. *American

  19. *Hot girls got me distracted.

  20. I’m with Mr. Hunt. I’d like to know what ‘BEN’ is all about. I’m sure it’s some funny (or not so funny) replacement for the ‘first’ poster.. but I don’t get it. Inside joke?

  21. Not an inside joke at all. Just some guy – Ben, obviously – who always had to be the first poster.

  22. James is such a helpful young lad.

  23. I like the 2nd one.

  24. I want to join the one about my best friend being irresponsible with her vagina, but she’d get mad at me.
    To be fair, she’s not that irresponsible. She just accidently caught scabies off some guy.

  25. Walter made me laugh!

  26. Ben

  27. I thought the first one was funny.

    I’m also pretty sick of all the complainers on here. If you don’t like it, shut the fuck up and go somewhere else.

  28. I hate that everyone just get told about Ben now. I had to troll through old posts to figure it out >_>

  29. only the last one was distantly funny to me..the rest- zzZZZzzZZZzz

  30. @ teeda… thanks.
    @ Braysl… congrats on that endeavor.

  31. Agreed. Lamebook provides the lame, if not always the piss-your-pants hilarious. The biggest fault on this site is that the comments have been far less interesting due to a bunch of whining cunts every two or three comments.

  32. Agreed. Lamebook provides the lame, if not always the piss-your-pants hilarious. The biggest fault on this site is that the comments have been far less interesting due to a bunch of whining emotards every two or three comments.

  33. “i love my best friend even though shes irresponsible with her vagina”

    thats funny. to me at least

  34. yourinevitabledemise

    Maybe it’s just because I recently unearthed all my HP paraphernalia that’s been boxed away for years, but the first one went straight to me heart. I do love Dumbledore, but it really should be “Bitch please, I’m muthafuckin Gandalf.” Mmm now my day is filled with thoughts of wizard duels.

  35. @yourinevi

    I didn’t realize that HP = Harry Potter until 2/3 the way through your comment. It made me smile to think you were talking about Hewlitt-Packard.

    Gandalf vs. Dumbledore?

    Malfow vs. Herminey?

    Of Oz vs. Of Id?

    Chuck Norris vs. Chuck Norris? (Since he can time travel, this is possible)

  36. yourinevitabledemise

    @cow 😀

    Malfow and Herminey? I knew the British versions were weird, but wow.

    I would do many dirty, devious deeds to see Chuck Norris battle himself. No remorse. It takes my breath away just to think about.

  37. @table

    two can play at this game!

    and I don’t know their names/how to spell them, is that close? The blond guy that is in the snake clan and the main girl that whines a lot?

  38. yourinevitabledemise


    You know an awful lot about them without knowing their names. That pretty much sums ’em up though. Your phonetics is cool with me, but watch out, a thirteen yr old is looking for you.

  39. @urine (I purposely avoided this obvious one, but you’ve left me no choice!)

    I’ve seen a few of the movies, but I’m horrible with names, especially made up wizard names.

    A thirteen yr old is looking for me? I better clean out the back of my van… can I borrow your wet/dry vac?

  40. yourinevitabledemise

    It’s not fair. I have so many more letters to choose from. Maybe I’ll go like, live life instead, or something, maybe. My vac is currently clogged from “last time”. Sorry. If I used only your letters but the o twice, I can spell comeslow. Fuck!

  41. Man


    In case you wondered.

    Enjoy living life. I’ll do the same, some day. Maybe. Or maybe instead, I’ll just put on my jet pack and fly to the kitchen for an IBC root beer! Wow, I’m tired, this doesn’t even make sense to ME!

  42. yourinevitabledemise

    Neat! I got kinda close to the true meaning behind your name. I guess I’ll stop reading your entries with an Irish accent. But probably not.

    Now I understand why I never started posting around here. I can witness the inability to control my impulses to refresh all my tabs throughout the day, all in one place. S’cool though. All I’m doing is hanging out with a teething baby. So really, I’m just crazy enough to understand where you’re coming from, streaks.

  43. I would join the best friend one, but I don’t think her boyfriend would approve.
    I texted to tell her, and she wasn’t very appreciative. Maybe because its 1am? But if I’m still awake after 20 hours, she can’t complain.

  44. i love malteaser too

    I don’t understand what’s wrong with Sarah’s activity. Drinking and driving and going to school high are two COMPLETELY different things. Hell, even driving while drinking and while high are completely different. You don’t squint your eyes, to spot the road, as much when drunk and can successfully locate and press the accelerator with a higher probability when the cops want to say hi.

  45. @ I love Malteaser too- If you look Sarah has joined two different Pages. The first is “Don’t drink and drive” the second “if its called highschool…” I think you may have gotten confused. The are completely different things and completely different pages. your comment would have been clever if you weren’t too much of a dumbass to read correctly the first time.

  46. @mcowles
    Laughing at “The blond guy that is in the snake clan and the main girl that whines a lot?”.

  47. Walter Sobchak

    LolaV, you are the real dumbass. I love malteaser too read correctly and her comment made sense.

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