Friday, June 18, 2010

FANtastic Friday

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  1. LOL @ The rob green one 🙂

  2. He was too green.

  3. Sigh… fine, I’ll google “Rob Green”.

  4. #1 – No, just No
    #2 – Probably for people that get all giggly and philosophical when they see the numbers “4” and “20” on the same page.
    #3 – Who?
    #4 – But I want a freaking goat too!

  5. The Rob Green one is the only good one in this pile

  6. #4 Is the BEST! if more people had goats this world would be a happier place!

    I have 10…I love them! I’m joining that group, that kid should get his goat!

  7. Rob Green gif on 4chan the other day and lol’d.

  8. krasivaya_devushka

    I’m liking the Rob Green one.
    Poor guy haha : )

    And Rob Green was England’s goalkeeper in the game against the USA who let the ball, well, cross the line.

  9. hmmm, looks not too bad in that pic Lulz. I’d let him cross my line!


  11. 1. Isn’t nomnomnom a lame Internet meme for eating or enjoying something?(Google tells me it’s from Sesame Street, but still, it is fucking everywhere on the internet now)? In which case this joke makes no sense, since Hitler neither ate nor enjoyed the Jewish people. Joke FAIL.

    2. Eh.

    3. Heard it a bajillion times. I’m just wondering how long it’ll be before Rob Green snaps and caves someone’s skull in with a hammer all the while screaming ‘I FUCKING SAVED A FEW’ over and over and over again.

    4. Goats are cool.

  12. Well, it wasn’t as bad as some other moments I’ve seen in the World Cup.

    Let’s just hope that nobody Andres Escobars him, when he returns to England.

  13. Feeling for the Brits on here right now (Hobes, alord, et al). Just finished watching the England/Algeria game. You boys are in trouble, but there’s still a chance you’ll get through.

    Australia, on the other hand, is pushing shit uphill from here on in. I have the distinct feeling I will be in great pain later tonight.

  14. krasivaya_devushka

    Yeah, it happens.
    But England sucked today when they played Algeria. Crazy stuff.

    & BritishHobo, ask nomnomnom (a user on here) about nomnomnom lol : )

  15. @Hobo
    He may not have eaten any, but I read that he started each day with a bowl of Lucky Charms (minus the rainbows, for obvious reasons) and a glass of Jews, from concentrate.

  16. The real problem with the World Cup for me, is not that some of the better teams are playing poorly, it’s that there are way too many great-looking players to admire, and I just don’t know where to look.
    I must say that David Beckham in a suit on the sideline today, looked AMAZING. I want to have his baby immediately, but I will insist he not speak during procreation.

  17. no no no no no… they said the Rob Green one wrong!! It’s “All these Robert Green jokes are getting out of hand. In fact, they’re crossing the line” So there are two jokes in one.. damn group doin’ it wrong.. and I’m English, so i’m allowed to diss my team XD

  18. Sigh… why does it bother me so much, when people feel such an insane attractive to David Beckham? I really don’t think he’s that attractive. Not even in the Top 50 of guys I’d do, if I weren’t 100% straight, that is.

    But on a more important note:


    haha, I totally L’d at your post. It was OL, in fact. From concentrate. I feel happy and dirty…

  19. attraction*


  20. The Ref of the US/Slovenia game was horrible, in fact, he rose quite a few flags.

    Oh man. I’m good.

  21. @dawnstar, I laughed.

    That is all.

  22. Even though the Rob Green one isn’t quite right I still smiled. At least he won’t be the only player crucified in this squad, after that performance today and Rooney’s comment to the camera, we’re going to see many.

  23. Lamebook, what’s the matter with you, putting a ‘join’ link to #1?

  24. Normally Becks would not be at the top of my “To do” list, but today, well, he just looked… special.

  25. All these Lamebook post are lame. In fact it is crossing the line. I’m afraid Lame book has jumped the shark long ago….(Sigh).

  26. krasivaya_devushka


    I saw Beckham when they played USA and I barely recognized him. He kind of…changed.

  27. David Beckham should be seen and not heard.

    Although he’s not my type at all I too would make an exception, as he is a rather fine specimen of that type.

    Hitler humour: not cute. Fuck. Urgh. And it isn’t ‘funny cos it’s wrong’ either.

    In fact, there’s so much reliance on ‘funny cos it’s wrong’ these days that it’s practically a comedic genre. It’s pipped the Gen X irony-soaked ‘so bad it’s good’ appreciation. (Early South Park, Family Guy got the ‘funny/wrong’ formula right, I admit, as did many other things I can’t coax my flu-sodden brain to dredge up.)

    Risque humour can be excellent but something has to be primarily funny on it’s own terms, and a lazy reliance on wrongness is best avoided.

    Oh and so should using mass murdering dictators for comedic purposes in general.

  28. krasi, you’re right. I don’t know what it is, but he’s looking damn fine at the present.

  29. I’m Jewish and I seriously LOLd on the Hitler one. It gets my Jew of Approval.

  30. releasethehounds

    I like Oscar the grouch, I would smoke the shit out of that hairy little bastard.

  31. @releasethehounds
    Hell to the yes.

  32. I saw Beckham in that suit too. I’d do him.

  33. @Dee-Lite: It just shows, as much as we’d like to think Lamebook has it here to go ‘isn’t this group lame?’ it’s really here to go ‘haha! Hitler!’

  34. To all of those who have commented on Beckham and his suit: clean up almost any guy and stick him in a well tailored suit and they look marvelous!

    To all guys: you will look great all cleaned up and in a well tailored suit, this I promise you!

    To all people with a dig named Beckham: stop it. You’re not original, nor will you ever be!

  35. Reason #587 not to post comments @4am: dig does not equal dog.

  36. krasivaya_devushka

    Ja, he did look really good in that suit.
    But I’d like to see him play instead.
    His reputation as a great footballer went down the hill when he came to the states and started doing all those Armani ads instead.

  37. The Rob Green joke is funny, but I can’t help but think it could have been worded better.

  38. @krasivaya_devushka, thanks for that saved me looking it up. Also thanks for the gif from whatsitIcan’tbef’dgoingbacktofindname. I think he got a raw deal, poor guy.

  39. @Jessi – Yes, it’s bad enough when people call their dog Beckham, but yesterday on the bus I heard a woman talking on the phone about her SON Beckham! Having said that, she was also complaining about her boyfriend/baby-daddy visiting a £10 hooker…..

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  41. screw spammers

  42. @yellowsulfur That’s odd. I’m Jewish as well and I don’t see the humor in it at all. It’s so lame that it’s not even offensive.

    It looks like the creator of the group was trying to go for the whole “it’s funny ‘cuz it’s offensive!” thing, and just failed. Miserably.

  43. ^ I agree, I see the Humor in it though just not very good humor.

    It’s a win for me only because it is on Lamebook and it was completly Lame and not funny or original.

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