Friday, February 26, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Join this group here.

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  1. I vote Blaine fucks off to learn Spanish somewhere. Any seconds?

  2. Seconded. Fuck Blaine…que mula pendejo

  3. I don’t really get #1 or #3…
    #2 was funny the first time, sort of funny the second time but after that it just got repetitive and annoying.

  4. Ok with me Professor Yaffle.

  5. Blaine is just a dyslexic redneck.

    Or he is joking …

  6. Christine

    i don’t get 1 either but three is just the payback for the women should stay in the kitchen kind of jokes …

  7. I’m with Brandyn. I just hate being the only black guy in my class.

  8. I definitely joined the black people math group.

  9. I wonder how Blaine’s glass house is looking today.

  10. “That’s right. Flipper’s in town bitch.”

    I’m going to say that every time I arrive somewhere. Work, bars, grandma’s house, church, it doesn’t matter. Flipper is in town, bitch.

  11. Thanks Father Sha. Yet another horribly over-done joke…

  12. I hate being the only black guy in my class, too.

    Oh, wait… I’m a white chick without much class.

  13. I feel like if Blaine’s comment had any correct form of spelling or grammar then it might actually be a valid point, but the fact that the entire thing is one sentence and he/she can’t even spell “speak” ruins any glimmer of hope he/she ever had to sound smart

  14. lol

  15. Oh and also…I think that if you’re going to immediately write off anyone who has any beef with foreigners as an “ignorant redneck”, then you are being just as ignorant yourself. I’m not agreeing with them, but I thinks it’s dumb when people make assumptions like that. It’s just as bad as those idiots who think that anyone who’s against Obama is racist…

  16. @howdy

    the overall point of learning the language of the land is sound…immigrants in the US who speak English get better jobs and generally have better opportunities.
    BUT the statement that “everything is in Spanish” is utter bullshit. He’s just a xenophobic prick who can’t write…

    Hey, when I wrote “seconded” it was the second post, but I wasn’t trying to be all “second!!” or anything…yo no soy Ben

  17. I think I’ve worked out Blaine’s problem. He’s been frustrated by never being able to order food in Mexican restaurants. He’s been blaming the fact on the waiters’ inability to understand English, but it seems it was just his *ahem* “English” they couldn’t understand. Poor redneck has been slowly starving to death. I’d be mad too.

  18. i’m joining LBMWAGAM. maybe i’ll find a husband.

  19. Hillbillies piss me off.

  20. @ CHUCHO

    I totally agree that Blaine is a xenophobic fucktard, but all I’m saying is that doesn’t mean he’s a redneck. To be honest the point I’m making isn’t important at all I’ve just always noticed how people write all the “Blaine”s in the world off as rednecks when its not always true. Ok I’m done now.

  21. Howdy

    hehe and your cowboy nickname has nothing to do with that ..

    Just janking your chain mate , you have a good point.

  22. Blaine need to learn English before he totally fucking destroys Spanish.

  23. Please can someone explain the first one? I’ve tried, but I just don;t get it

  24. None of these were funny at all.
    Not even a little.

  25. i am sick to death of all these “speak english” posts. they are not funny or lame. they are stupid. perhaps someone should start a new site:

  26. @gingivitis

    There’s a link to the actual group page, so I have to assume it’s something the Lamebook staff is behind.

  27. so, LBMWAGAM is not a group for large black men who are good at math… it’s “For people of all races and math skill levels who aspire to be a Large Black Man Who Is Good At Math”. just a tribute group to some school’s large black math teacher. courtship fail.

  28. I don’t get Gabby’s. What’s so strange about a lesbian being a little cheesy?

  29. unfrozencavemanlawyer

    wow…NONE of these were funny.

  30. These are shit.

    I’m sorry you had to hear that. I hope you don’t think any less of me.

  31. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Despite Blaine’s xenophobia and hipocrisy, he bears a somewhat valid point.
    However; it’s a two way street. If I lived in Miami, I’d learn some Spanish. If I lived in Canada, I’d learn French.

    I live in Australia, where there is no specific mass foreign language influx, so I won’t be learning Mandarin, Arabic, Japanese, German, Hindi, nor any specific African dialect.

  32. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I’d like to see a group entitled “This is America, we speak (insert native American language)”

    Last time I checked, most White people don’t speak the native language of the land they occupy. (Irrelevant for Europe and UK)

    Aren’t double standards nice?

  33. “This is Australia, we speak Aboriginal.”

  34. Father Sha

    Haha yeah maybe I’m just defending my own…

  35. lol @ Soup

  36. I think I miss the joke of the flipper one. Prés tél?

  37. Is Lamebook promoting the flipper group? Cuz it sure looks like it. And what’s with the upside down baseball cap?

  38. #31 – great point man. however, i wonder what blaine and other people who argue that they would have the respect to learn another language would do if they moved to a foreign country. i imagine that they would just speak english louder and slower, something americans are already famed for doing abroad

  39. Hehe soup , nice sarcasm there

  40. Neil deGrasse Tyson is my favourite LBMWAGAM. 😉

  41. Howdy = ratard.

  42. (FYI I spelled it that way on purpose. Step away from your Grammar Nazi badges)

  43. How are Blaine or any of the other “Speak English!” people who keep showing up on Lamebook (which, by the way, got old the second, third or twelfth time) being hypocrites? None of them are saying “This is America–learn how to write well.” Blaine and others are concerned with conversational English, which is drastically different from correctly-written English. Just because you use bad grammar on the Internet–like 95% of the world’s population does–doesn’t mean you can’t speak English and therefore don’t have any business telling others to learn to do so.

  44. Wow, SomeRandomChick–you called someone a “retard” for disagreeing with you. You must be one of them smart and original folks.

  45. @dcrearview #25

    Your dream came true !
    Frenchies made that website:

  46. my first thought on the flipper one was flipper the dolphin, as in, flipper’s back bitches, because shamu is out because he killed someone? but the picture makes me think maybe not, and the group itself gives no hints at all. MYSTERIOUS.

  47. Loretta, its called IRONY.

  48. @SomeRandomChick

    I think you meant to say Spelling Nazi Badges.

  49. Badges, we don’t need no stinking badges.

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