Monday, August 26, 2013

Fap to School

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  1. Needs a 56 inch flat screen and some open cans of tuna to make it more realistic!

  2. 1) Americans don’t say ‘fap’.
    2) Brits and Australians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving.
    3) This post is bullshit.

  3. Americans do say “fap”, but I agree this post is bs.

  4. The government needs to radiate the gonads of the youth of this world to prevent reproduction. This is a sticky situation indeed

  5. Pornhub.. Not a bad choice

  6. x n x x dot com is way better.

  7. Teresa D. Castro

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  8. I’m surprised there’s not a comment below that picture that says. “Dude, I have to use that computer too.”

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