Friday, December 9, 2011


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  1. Awesome.

  2. Verily thou speakest the truth LesleyHayes4.

  3. How the hell did he find a cabbie that speaks English?

  4. With a username like Xian, how the hell do you know English?

  5. How ‘ironic’ that there was just a story about someone doing this in Atlanta. I call BS for that very reason.

  6. I like how nobody ‘liked’ the status 😛 Either his friends don’t want him to get his phone back, or he just doesn’t have any friends

  7. No, no, no, Oatmeal. His friends were supposed to “like” his apologetic response, not the original post.

  8. vaginalroundhouse

    We could consider the cab driver stealing his phone. We all know no one will believe him.

  9. awesome, probably fake, but awesome. and if it was really a cab driver posting this he should of written “death to all westerners, Robert f*cks camels, praise mullah”

  10. ^ Ah…no. That would be stereotypical and moronic. And lame.

  11. I don’t care whether it’s real or fake, it’s freakin hilarious!

  12. Codename Dutchess

    dragon74– that would be a lot more funnier but cmon,


  14. Thanks dutchess, hawk, go fist yourself.

  15. heaven forbid I stereotype a non mobile phone returning scum bag taxi driver. if he doesn’t like the perils of the job, he should become a doctor or something, which is what he was probably doing in India or craplamabad

  16. @dragon74
    Yes, it is the “scum bag” taxi drivers fault that some douche bag ran off without paying. WTH is wrong with you? This cab driver is doing exactly the right thing.

  17. Codename Dutchess, go learn English.

  18. Codename Dutchess

    oatmealandi, go fuck yourself. I mean, fuck yourself go c’mon.

  19. @dragon74, SERIOUSLY, you think the cab driver is the scum bag? OMG, fire you die please in.

  20. @dragon74, SERIOUSLY, why are all my haters the most obvious retards here?

  21. @Moe: Xian is short for Christian. It’s my first name, and I’m not one.

  22. And 421 in a level beyond 420.

  23. Actually, Xian means “Western Peace” in Chinese. The standard abbreviation for Christian is Xtain:)

  24. ^This.

  25. Why the hell would the name Christian be shortened to something with “tain” on the end? Xian, you’re doing it right.

  26. Soooo Ms Chin, you think the proper abbreviation for Christmas is Xtmas? Ohhh-kay then.

  27. Put the fsm back in chrifsmas.

  28. “MsAnneThrope December 11th, 2011 at 6:18 pm

    @dragon74, SERIOUSLY, why are all my haters the most obvious retards here?”

    And why is a hater a regular poster of comments asking YOU to get a hobby?

    This page is so awesome.

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