Monday, April 26, 2010

Farm the Win!

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  1. That MILF one and Jason’s Monster Fail are probably the best ever.. well, Jason’s only because of his ridiculous overreaction (and subsequent hilarity rebroadcast on J Doosh — as if he is STILL such a jerkoff). And his blog.. ah, JMF is more like a cultural phenomenon than a lamebook post.

  2. Okay, that last one is incredibly offensive. To gay people.

  3. are people being serious will all this ‘offensive to gay people’ malarky?

  4. I would love to send the Farmville finger to all my facebook friends that play it.

  5. I am now officially a fan of the very dedicated farmviller on 1st post, adorable

  6. freakyfox (#42), aww, did I hurt you paw widdle feelings? Well, suck it up you’re a douche for your post.

    #9- Oh look, somebody can imitate me, I feel complimented!

    And Cumdumpster, I can care less if somebody values my opinion or not, I am free to throw in my 2 cents and if you don’t like it then too bad.

  7. Did I mention I suck cock?

  8. @Lenny – shut up please, I can hear your whinny voice through your messages, you’re as bad as Ben, so many hypocrites on here trolling for attention, can we just focus on the lame posts and comment on them, avoiding FIRSTS and BENS and FRODOS and any reference to any of the aforementioned owning a POOL. Grow up.

  9. What the hell ? I have an impostor ? Quite an honour or something ? Do i need another nick now ?

  10. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    * giggles *

  11. @57, I never mentioned it because I never do it. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

    To Father Sha’s imitator (I’m assuming), if there were no FIRST posts, then there would be no bitching or mocking it, right?

  12. not one comment on “Tulessa” and “Kismit”?!??!?! WTF kind of names are those?

  13. Tulessa is finnish meaning “on fire”..

  14. homophobia ftw!

  15. lol

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