Friday, October 4, 2013

Father of the Year

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  1. But they ARE great boobs!

  2. I hate I hate Stever

    This guy feels the need to berate the guy who comments on his slut of a daughter’s tits but has nothing to say to his slut of a daughter! This guys needs to look at his priorities. And yes they are great boobs!

  3. Sam should thank father of boobs for making a pair of great boobs in his acceptance speech.

  4. #2, you’re right.
    I suppose daddy believes in “If you have it, flaunt it.”
    Sure they are nice breasts, but that girl should have some modesty, and she should be able to fight her own battles instead of having daddy-dearest step in for her.

  5. Maybe the father didn’t say anything about the way his daughter is dressed in that photo because if she is an adult, and I think she is bc the father didn’t say anything, she can dress just like she wants and take whatever pictures she wants and it’s none of her fathers business. Or anybody else’s.

  6. There’s no need to raise ones children to be at least SLIGHTLY modest and to have a MODICUM of self respect. One can simply fix SOCIETY by writing snarky fucking posts on facebook that attempt to belittle anyone calling attention their sweet little angels clear and present whoreosity. (Well, it should be a word.)
    Epic rack game, btw. If functional they should offer a bountiful feast for her multi-colored (not that there’s anything wrong with that) brood of unwashed and fatherless heathen offspring.
    By then she’ll be juggling them with her knees though.

  7. And is that a cigarette burn or a giant freckle up there by her clavicle?

  8. This is precisely why it’s a bad idea to accept Dad’s friend request.

  9. Wearing a bikini at the beach does not make someone a slut. If you disagree, you’re wrong.

  10. However, taking a self shot of ONLY your mammary glands kinda does.

  11. Way to take a page out of my books, Cameron. I can almost forgive you for being a filthy pig dog and implying my head was jammed unreasonably far into my anal cavity. It’s nice, isn’t it? To tell people they’re wrong and they’re opinions are shit?

  12. +1k @thatsitshebawls

  13. With tits like that, it’s her own fault, should she get raped!

  14. You guys can argue back and forth about society, sluts, parents on Facebook, righteousness, and anything else. They’re great boobs and I plan on staring at them.

  15. those really are nice.

  16. Wondering if the top of her face was cropped out for posting here on Lamebook or if she herself (or whoever posted her photo) cropped the photo so it showcased her boobs. Because from the lower half of her face she looks like she could be pretty so why not post her whole face….unless perhaps she has Steve Buscemi eyes, in which case I can understand why her/herfriend cropped the top so it showed off her boobs. If that’s the case they were desperately fishing for compliments so BUTT OUT DAD!

  17. I think the boobs were the point of the picture. The camera wasn’t focusing on her face.

  18. Steve Buscemi has gorgeous eyes. I’d bang him.

  19. Being totally honest, who would love to blow a load of spunk on those? I know I would.
    Fantasy out.

  20. A girl posted a picture of her in her swimsuit (because, yes, the picture is clearly cropped to protect her anonimity, she did post her full face on fb). An idiot made a derogatory comment and her father jumped in defence. And we are here, calling her and her dad names? I’d expect a bit more sense here, people.

  21. This reminds me of my thirteenth daughter.

    She had great milk sacks too.

  22. @stavrosg. Welcome to Lamebook. Please take time to look back at past posts until you get a clear picture of the amount of hate that is released on the site.
    Btw, Fuck off.

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