Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Feel the Love

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  1. Fair enough. I shall graciously accept my defeat.

  2. @Vlamenni

    You’re going to give up that easily? Fight for your beliefs! Be strong in your conviction that internet spooge is just as nasty as real life spunk. Battle to protect the sanctity of textual virginity.

    The only way broadband should contribute to sex is when it finally binds the hungry girl’s stomach, and allows her to be the stick thin woman that we men appreciate.

  3. Whoa Vlam, I disgust you? I just saw that. You need some lovin’? I’m very accommodating.

    If you think slim and I are gross, you haven’t been witness to some of my other trysts.
    Soup will vouch for that I’m sure.

    But you know what, as they say in the classics, frankly my dear I don’t give a damn.

  4. I will vouch for the visually horrifying things that happen when Word and I get together. You ever see the movie Scanners? When that dude’s head explodes? When our crotches join, the outcome is an explosion of lots of viscous material.

  5. True story that one.

  6. @Vlam, sorry your russian sensibilities are offended, but their menage a trois is funny…

    @Soup, would like to test your diet out. Where can I sign up?

  7. I love you word…I want you to have my babies…

  8. lol

  9. Its the fucking Beatles

    Fucking bollocksing hell! WHY FACEBOOK WHY? And the fuckers are breeding. Shit, we’re doomed as a society.

    Cybering on Lamebook? Meh, it could be worse. It could be those fuckers involved in the posts having their dramas in the comments box instead. Think about it.

  10. Dakoda is a guy and is legally married to Samantha. She moved to SoCal and is freeloading off another guy and got knocked up.

  11. The guy she got knocked up by thinks they’re going to get married. But, she cheated on him before with Dakota.

  12. Austin is a guy, I know both of them. Gay couple yo.

  13. Brilliant!
    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  14. No, it is not brilliant. Not even a little bit.
    -How considerate, he sacrificed his kid to save my life. Is that like using a kid as a bullet shield?

  15. someone got a little distracted by the repeater….
    that’ll happen…

  16. Actually, I’m leaning towards the second one being about a baby. Babymomma’s mad because babydaddy “don’t buy no pampers & wipes” and then he tries to be all “look, I remembered our kid’s birthday” and she’s all “you’re a day off, jerkwad”.

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