Friday, September 28, 2012

FIFA Fanatic

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  1. He’s gonna break her quite right leg.

  2. yeah, coz this fifa will be so much way more awesomerer than the last twelve fifas.

  3. Once they release a gaming console with a vaginal port and built in microwave there will be no use for women at all

  4. ^Hello Trolly McTrollister. Welcome to lamebook!

  5. Women are far more interesting than video games. For you men that ignore your women for video games, there are plenty of other guys (and gals) that will happily take your women away.

  6. ^^ at least until Grand Theft Auto 5 is released, then they’re all fucked.

  7. ^^ Clearly you’ve never been in a relationship virgin, one day you’ll learn…maybe not

  8. ^^ My hero.

  9. I like to imagine all the ^^ are pointing all the way up to me.

  10. Well that escalated quickly…

  11. ôô

  12. Uh, Frank, why is it that McTrollister gets welcomed but I didn’t?
    I’m guessing it’s because I’m the shit, right?

    Yeah I’ll just go with that.
    It makes me feel better.

  13. Only special little lambies get special attention, dardar. Trust me, you don’t want that.

  14. he probably does. the wavy stink-lines of lonely and desperate are practically visible above his comments.

  15. That’s funny, Anne, because I’m not a “he”.
    Therefore, your statement is invalid…
    And you’re probably not a she.
    Possibly a she-male.
    A really hairy she-male.

  16. ^so fucking what if i was?
    I’d rather be gender-queer and happy in myself, than a retarded bigot like you.
    you pathetic cunt.

  17. HAHA. Wow I guess that’s a sensitive subject for you.
    And I’m definitely not retarded or a bigot.
    Sometimes pathetic but not pathetic enough to get so riled up for nothing, like you appear to be.
    I said nothing rude to you.

  18. Dardar you have to understand that Msanne is currently resident in an asylum for the mentally absent. Unwisely, he/she is allowed internet access and chooses to visit lamebook. It’s best just to ignore his/her ramblings.

  19. dardar, you got riled up coz someone inferred you were a bloke rather than a sheila? I deem you to be one of the “Overly Sensitive, Humourless Fucktards” that make up a significant part of the lamebook demographic.
    Now, I’ve been in discussion with other (cool) lamebookers about why Overly Sensitive, Humourless Fucktards (OSHFUCKERS) frequent this site. And now, here you are! So, from the horses mouth, why do you come here?

  20. Actually I didn’t. And I’m sometimes sensitive and very humorous. Which is exactly why I come here. Most of the time I enjoy the comments more than the posts. So I decided to start chiming in.
    But for the record, I do enjoy Anne’s vulgar comments most. I don’t mean to be kissing ass here but really I’m just not what you call an “OSHFUCKER

  21. How do you explain @15/17 then? Admitting you have a problem is the first step, dardar. Right now, you are like an alcoholic in a seedy bar trying to prove you don’t have a problem by downing a full bottle of cheap rum.

  22. Just responses to Anne. It’s entertaining.

  23. if being slandered as a pathetic cunt is what you call entertaining, you should be telling a therapist.
    really sugar, admitting you have a problem is the first step to fixing that shit. x

  24. Haha hello it’s entertaining because none of us really know eachother anyway SUGAR
    I’m sure anyone can realize that.

  25. We all need therapy.

    But Lamebook is much cheaper, and rather effective.

  26. ^admitting you have a problem

  27. FinishHimFlawlessVictory

    Yeah, I’d be pissed off no matter what fucking game it is! To intentionally damage someone’s property with NO intention on replacing said item, is fucked up….and if I could have gotten away with breaking my sis and bro in laws’ legs for allowing their children to totally mistreat my husband’s game disks, I would have!

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