Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First World Fail

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  2. I hate people like Daniel.

  3. We are all third world. Mercury is the first world

  4. what the fuck kind of name is Zoren?

  5. A first world name.

  6. Fake.

  7. jesus fuck.
    really matzomg? a random stranger is not named jack, john or chuck and so you just can’t fucking handle the exotica.

    Most of the world doesn’t have an anglo name, so you should probably just cash in your chips now, because the rest of your life is going to be confusing and scary.

  8. And take Daniel with you please. He’s all kinds of clueless.

  9. What. The. Fuck, MsAnne!? I thought we made fun of people’s retarded names on this here site? Nothing is over the limit, right? For fuck’s sake, now you’re the Make-Fun-Of police?

  10. I take it Daniel doesn’t get much action.

  11. YOU might be xenophobic, Nails, and if you were in the armed forces I guess that’s a huge fucking bonus.
    but I personally hate colorless anglo names.
    I know a kid with 4 britneys (of various spelling)and five fucking tyler’s in her year 5 class. And 2 hannah’s.

    a Zoren would be total a fucking relief.

  12. Name your first child Zoren, MsAnne.

  13. no. it’s a ridiculous name.

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