Friday, September 25, 2009

Fit for the Job

Fit for the Job

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  1. this is hysterical. I didn’t know this thing existed!! this was my status and I appreciate those of you that thought it was funny because it was meant to be just that. any if my friends that saw this know my humor. for those of you that took it serious…get a life. and seriously I hate feminism. fuckin dykes ruined it for us

  2. LOL! Courtney shows up to school us that “fuckin dykes” ruined feminism. Did the dykes tell you that ya need to be practicin’ your BJs, since that’s the only way you’ll be able to keep from starving?

  3. if the shoe fits!! 🙂

  4. Bet you she is ugly as shit..

  5. This young woman has got to be hit from heat to toe in order to be this desperate. Though if she’s not…where do I put my name down? lol, j/k

  6. “heat” to toe?

    I’m sure something’s in or on heat but i don’t see how it relates to toes…. 😉

  7. They should change the title of this post to “Fist for the Job”

  8. “I’m a really good folder haha” -why is this funny? Some kinda sexual ref. am not picking up on??

  9. i think she means folding laundry.
    that took me a minute though lol.

  10. Unblock name nao.

  11. Sounds ideal, she can bring up the kids and do my laundry, ironing, cooking, cleaning, you know, the stuff all women should be learning in their ‘Home Economics’ classes at school!

    Meanwhile, I can go to work and shag the receptionist as well as Courtney when i get home.

    She’s so low she probably wouldn’t even mind me double dippin’!!

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