Monday, October 24, 2011

Folk’d Up

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  1. The last one really made me LOL! I did not see it coming. (YEAH, TWSS)

  2. LOL’d

  3. the third one is a doug benson bit, word for fucking word

  4. Bahahahahaha well played.

  5. thataintwhaturdaddysaid

    That’s not a Swastika in the 2nd one is it? I mean, it would definately make sense….

  6. How would a swastika make sense going with a stripper pole?

    No it’s not a swastika – it’s facing the wrong direction. It looks like numbers or something.

  7. 1st one- Wow. They tole him.
    2nd one- Wow. One of them already took the pants off.
    3rd one- Wow. Grandma is horny.

  8. 1st one- Wow. Tory should be abandoned in the forest to get eaten by bears.
    2nd one- Wow. Those kid’s parental units should be abandoned in the forest to get eaten by bears.
    3rd one. Wow. I actually did not see that coming. And now I can’t seem to unsee it…Courtney should be abandoned in the forest to get eaten by bears.

  9. what the flying fuck

  10. Ah crap, anyone know how to unread Courtney’s comment??

  11. homicidalorange is right on the money. Doug Benson ends with that joke on one of his stand-ups. It’s annoying when people don’t have an original thought of their own so they rip off other people’s stories/jokes/lyrics and never credit them so that people will think they’re interesting/funny/inspiring.

  12. If I had FB I would be sorely tempted to copy willie’s quote as my status without giving credit.

  13. Believe it says 21 in the second picture – seems to mean months…

    There is no “right” or “wrong” way for Swastika – as I believe what you think is the “right” way is actually the “wrong” way. Nazi’s turned the symbol the other way and adopted as their own.

  14. I love those babies…

  15. what MsAnneThrope said.

  16. ComplicatedAmoeba

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought that was a swastika.

  17. now HOW ON EARTH could that be a swastika? ever seen one? doesn’t matter whether it’s right- or left-facing, all arms are bent in the same direction. the left portion of your “swastika” would be part of a “original”, non-nazi swastika, whereas the black line near the right edge of the plate would be part of a “modern” nazi-swastika. another reason why it couldn’t be a swastika is b/c the orientation of a nazi swastika is always that of a rhombus i.e. the sides don’t sit flat on the ground.

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