Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Folked Up Situations

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  1. This is like shooting fish in a barrel!

  2. I’m disappointed that Grandma doesn’t know how to spell disappointed.

  3. “The town’s the fish, the people are the barrel. *finger gun* Fish in a barrel.” –Tommy Boy

  4. I am also disappointed in Grandma’s spelling. And I am disappointed in the comments lately. Where have all the funny lamebook commenters gone?

  5. @4 They got jobs,or perhaps on funnier sites where lamebook jack their post.

  6. I apologize for the absence of the funny Lamebook commenters today.

    You see, they all booked my services for emergency hymanectomies this morning. Unfortunately, my incompetent assistant (who has since been terminated) had mistakenly booked all of these appointments at the same time.

    So, as I am a fictionally trained doctor, I had no choice but to perform an emergency orgy. Thus, we’ve been tied up in the orgery all day. I expect that their fingers should all heal well enough to return to Lamebook with silly and perhaps exhausted comments within the next few hours.

  7. Congratulations on adding to the list of unfunny commenters, Dr Hymen.

  8. The funny commenters were mostly replaced by retards who only want to have bragging rights about being the first to comment, as if that required skill.

  9. i miss paranoid android

  10. or parandroid as i called him


  11. More Facebook users need to be enlightened to the existance of a limited profile.

  12. As long as there is Steeeever, I’m happy. SKOOOOOOOOOOORNE!!!

  13. Dear Audrey, lighten up you old haggish bitch. That kid is a kid, or teen at best, doing what teens do best….act stupid. Get your Depends out of your cunt. Learn to spell disappointed before you make another ironic statement..your Grammar as a veteran is disappointing.

    Of course I’d never say anything like that to either of my grandmothers, God rest their souls. I’m sure Mark was thinking it, though.

  14. Awk, gotta love the wee granny

  15. What the hell is that steever thing that keeps being posted as the first comment on every post? Seriously, maybe it was funny the first million times but now it’s just stupid. It’s like someone telling the same joke over and over and not realizing it wasn’t even funny the first time they told it.

  16. @repoed2 ~ some sad dude, sitting in his mothers’ basement, no job, no girlfriend, with nothing better to do than to sit at his computer and press the F5 button?

  17. Wow, grandma’s quite a b!t(h…

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