Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Food for Thought

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  1. What a pack of cunt nuggets

  2. Oh self-submitting douchenozzle, thanks for marking it Me and Tard1 and Tard2, you could have saved some thought and made it
    Tard1, 2 and 3 or Tard1,2 and DoucheCaptain.

  3. That’s Franklin Roosevelt on the dime tard #3.

  4. Shaving My Furry Hamster.

  5. Fake.

  6. It’s not fake, sadly, this picture is going around. And if I had the presence of mind to give the idiots passing it back and forth what for like that guy did, I would self-submit, too. But y’all keep making fun of someone with more intelligence than you. I know it makes you feel better.

  7. P.S. Look up Eisenhower, deadeyexx. I realize that the dime is SUPPOSED to bear the image of FDR, but you can’t tell me it doesn’t look a hell of a lot more like Ike.

  8. yellowzinnias, you are stupid. Its clearly fake.

  9. T1000 you post ‘this is fake’ on most of these posts! There’s no point saying it over n over, it really doesn’t matter! If you think they’re all fake and unfunny stop looking but posting this is fake repeatedly has no purpose and is a bit annoying.

  10. Charlii he knows it and he’s been told it, just ignore him.

  11. Death to the infidels.

  12. Charlii45, incorrect. You are fake.

  13. yellowzinnias speaks much truth…

  14. hey! how come the fucking POST can say n1gger, but we can’t?

  15. eisenhower?

  16. #14. Such an accomplished troll as yourself should not ask such noobish questions. Unless of course, you’re posting it in some sad attempt at irony. If that is the case you are worse than a troll. You are a hipster troll, and I hate you.

  17. carlosspicyweiner

    Fake and gay

  18. I smoked weed with a guy who looked like Lincoln once. Then I fucked his mom. We’re no longer friends.

  19. @14 I noticed this earlier. What roundeye wetback nonsense.

  20. #16. jackoff. I wouldn’t recommend you telling me what to do. because I don’t give a fuck.
    ditto with sharing your opinion. because I don’t give a fuck.

    but I clicked your link and I’d be embarrassed for you. if I gave a fuck.

  21. lol

  22. Except… Pennies are now made almost completely out of zinc other than a thin copper coating, because zinc is cheaper than copper.

  23. Seriously though, it only works in that order because if they started with the penny on the left, they would all be looking at the penny instead of away from the penny. We go from left to right anyways so it should have started with the penny and worked its way up to begin with.

  24. speaking of clicking links, msannethrope is a bad, bad “girl”

  25. She could be licking kinks, instead…

  26. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Everyone in that post is retarded; especially the submitter.

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