Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Foolish Feed

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  1. lostintranslation

    wow… just… wow!

  2. Last?

  3. andrew’s status is from snl with will ferrel and jeff goldblum… it’s actually really hilarious.

  4. andrew’s status isn’t foolish, it’s a quote from SNL. come on people, don’tcha know your will ferrell?!

  5. The sun/King of Planets post is a reference to Will Ferrel as Harry Carey on SNL. C’mon Lamebook, it takes like 3 seconds to Google this stuff! I say that is a win for this person, a fail for whomever submitted it, and a facepalm for Lamebook.


  6. Does anyone know if the one about planets is a quote from somewhere?
    Something tells me its from SNL, but I’m not sure.

  7. “King of Planets” LOL The rest could have been simple mistakes made because the person wasn’t thinking clearly or just typed something up real fast. Andrew is my new King.

  8. Andrews post should NOT be on here. It is a quote from a Will Ferrell sketch on SNL.

  9. i was clearly not on my phone at the time of spinning out!! i was waiting at the railway crossing afterwards and thought everyone would like to know 🙂

  10. The sun is the king of all the planets! Call me.

  11. In the immortal words of Charlie Kelly… “You’re SO stupid! Kitten Mittens!”


  12. Andrew isn’t being really lame. He’s quoting Will Ferrell from a SNL skit.

    Its so funny, too.

  13. Looks like they took Andrew’s off, because I can’t see it. Oh well.

  14. I read these from the bottom up and thought “geez, these suck balls.” Then I got to the last two (which are actually the first two) and they TOTALLY REDEEMED the group!

    Although I’m suddenly sad that my birthday is at the end of December… When I was 21 I didn’t get to enjoy it for all 4 seasons… for an entire year. I only got to enjoy it for a week, and then it was over. 🙁

  15. Andrew is being lame for quoting without attribution. It’s like posting song lyrics as your status without attribution, it just generates unnecessary confusion.

    I don’t get why Jamie cares about turning 21. By the looks of it, his/her brain is already about 80% pickled anyway, so having legal access to alcohol really shouldn’t change anything.

  16. Reading the comments I kept going back to look for Andrew.

  17. I can’t see andrews :(… someone write what his said.

  18. He quoted Will Ferrell from SNL.

    It was something like:

    “My favorite planet is the Sun. It’s like the King of all planets!”

    I’m sure someone else will grab the direct quote from the depths of the internet, but I don’t feel like taking the 5 seconds needed to find it, so all you get from me is a paraphrasing!

  19. LOL is that what those inches meant. Ahahaha I had my GF put 18.

  20. dammit! My birthday is in September…I only get to be this age for all of Fall and part of Winter. That sucks!

  21. all of the lame submissions have been shite for the last few days, not even in an ironic, intended way. These are particularly shit. Is there a lame drought?

  22. @spastix

    There is nothing quite as lame as gtting worked up over lame posts for a website celebrating lameness.

  23. getting*

  24. come on Gracie… really?

  25. Maybe Jamie is a horse. All horses become officially one year older on January 1st.

    Mystery solved. See, I knew no one that stupid could really exist!

  26. I wish I could be 21 for a whole year. My birthday’s in August….man….

  27. MARIALAYNA!!! MARIALAYNA!!!! nope-that’s not working

  28. LOL I wish I could have a birthday for a whole year too, it sucks being an August baby, we are only 21 for 4 months…

  29. insert clever name here

    OMFG Cydia, you’re so retarted. I hope you dye!

  30. Curse me for having a birthday in October..

    Two months just isn’t enough! :/

  31. Jamie’s post doesn’t strike me as lame. I guess if you’re the average lamebook pedant it is. To me, it makes sense for a college-aged young person to be excited about drinking for ALL of 2010 (the calendar year), instead of just some of it.

  32. @logicalphallicy – but that doesn’t make sense either. it might make sense to be happy to turn 21 at the start of the school year, so that you could enjoy all the parties and whatnot, but to be excited to turn 21 at the beginning of the calendar year so that you get to enjoy being 21 for a whole year (unlike anyone else…) doesn’t make sense.

  33. the BAHAHA <3 at the end of the first one, which was already lame due to her low IQ, makes it painfully lame.

  34. Post Automobile accident Quick reference guide:
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  35. Literally?

  36. gracie doesn’t know what brunette means

  37. @ bliggle actually the horses b’day is on the 1st of August, I know that coz that’s my husband’s b’day…yes I married a horse, much bigger penis than any human male I’ve every met.

    And all are r’tards (I don’t know how else to spell that in the fashion of Alan from The Hangover)

  38. Being from Australia, my September birthday allows me to experience only spring and summer, which is very nice, I can imagine being 21 in winter would be horrible.

  39. dilysin – you’re not serious, right??

  40. dee-lite; wow, what do you think?

  41. dilysin, I’m from New Zealand and my birthdays in November so I also only experience part of spring and summer. I appreciated missing out on those colder months when I was 21

  42. @yumnori- it makes sense… oh shit, I can go out to the bars this spring semester now… and sweet, I can go out drinking when I get back home for Thanksgiving and Christmas at the end of this year. I get to enjoy being 21 for the whole year, instead of just part of the year like some of my friends with birthdays in later months. Duh!

  43. Marialayna – did your friend ever call to get your new number? No? Really? Hhmmm, wonder why. She probably hates you. She’s probably with your BF right now. You should get on facebook right now and call her out of her name, really read her trees so to speak.

    We’ll wait right here while you do it.

  44. @captain obvious

    Brunette covers black (so the first post is more idiotic than the reply), and actually lends more easily to dark brown and black than it does to what might be considered a light brown. Light browns are not brunettes. Gracie, speculating from the blurred photo, is right to protest.

  45. @woodsielord

    I’m pretty sure that’s a photo of a dog (most likely a chow). Lol, though, lol.

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