Friday, February 7, 2014

Freaking Out

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  1. And by girlfriend you really mean Steeeever!

  2. I hear ya buddy, I wouldn’t want my girlfriend to shove shit up my ass either.

  3. Eh… It’s not as bad as it sounds.

  4. Coffee isn’t such a good idea….

  5. Fake and Gay

  6. If you keep uploading facerapes to lamebook, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  7. Make sure she clips her nails. Ask Stvr and gaybies, probably the same person, how to properly clean the anus. Heard they have a video out there somewhere, too. Why don’t you ask everyone on Facebook where you can find such instructional videos.

  8. The Beast Among Us

    Man up, or you’re going to lose her.

  9. He spelled boyfriend wrong

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  11. ^ new material Janice, that Lamebook post was 2 years ago

  12. I wonder if the spammers feelings get hurt when they come back and see the hate.

  13. I use to be afraid of the brown stuff too. But now I have this awesome technique in wich ones bowels we empty as fast as you can kill a baby. And with shit free canals, analsex is a quite lovely experience, that no one should be without.

  14. The Beast Among Us

    ^ With friends like you, who needs enemas?

  15. ^well played sir

  16. Steevers Gay Lover

    Yes Gaybies…..he means me! I love it when my man takes me down to pound town….

  17. Let’s hook up lover. we could test my girth in a less than friendly way…..

  18. Hey, what’s for lunch?

  19. Girth

  20. Go to Hooters, prematurely ejaculate and spend the rest of the night crying and apologising for ruining her night.

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