Thursday, February 17, 2011

Freaky Folks!

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  1. people suck:(

  2. True that.

  3. Since when was Lamebook partnered with PANotes. That’s a great site.


  4. ^ most boring lamebook comments ever

  5. True that.

  6. Thanks for the epic addition to them there Elric.

  7. Good analogy Williemae .. I am sure you are a bloody wobbling pig.

  8. Williemae? Is she a slave?

  9. HAHAHHAHA!! Mass, that’s a funny little statement you came up with, but I totally agree with you LOL!

  10. i hate it when people post something funny on FB and other people have to bring the kids into it. i didn’t realize that once you had a kid you can no longer laugh if they aren’t somehow involved. same rant goes for parents who talk about having drinks and other people have to be like ‘wheres your kid.’ everyone is annoying :p

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